[CON]VENTION IN[TEL]LIGENT HOME Smart Post, Beam and Wall System…Extraordinary Definition of House Building

  For some people, having their own house can be considered a life goal requiring so much effort but worth all the sweat. “Intel Home Company”, knowing how a house can be meaningful for many people, has never stopped to develop the building system that can guarantee the better lives. Relying on the expertise of...
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WINDECOR CO., LTD. Ready to Launch in ARES, Innovative Roof in Architect Expo 2018

WINDECOR CO., LTD. , a mosquito net and outdoor-indoor shading devices manufacturer, has made several nets, hinges and awnings during their 20 years’ history. All are beautiful, yet convenient and practical, considered prestigious by customers both in Thailand and abroad. In this upcoming Architect Expo 2018, WINDECOR is to launch “ARES, sun protection roof which...
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