Singha Mortar. The Stronger Mortar

Innovative cement mortar manufacturer “Singha Mortar” originally started from a company named Whiteclould Company Limited registered in 1996 by a group of people whose the sole determination was to make Whitecloud the leading company, widely known as a high quality mortar manufacturer, owning an internationally accepted standard. For this reason, hearts and effort had been...
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GOODRICH GLOBAL CO., LTD. INSPIRED by the way – to – architect ’18

Goodrich Global Co., Ltd. has run its business for over 30 years in the field of surfacing, wallpaper, carpet, blinds, and flooring products. The company is dedicate to bringing forth creative products through a set determination to be among the leaders of the interior design industry business. Partnering with top manufacturers from USA and Europe...
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FAMELINE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. Always Beyond and ordinary in architect ’18

  Fameline Products Company Limited is a manufacturer of interior and exterior metal ceilings and aluminium composites, covering areas such as department stores, office buildings, academic buildings, sky train and airports. Further from that, Fameline also provides customers with architectural products. Categorized under Special Project, these products, including aluminium façade for exterior office buildings and...
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POOL&SPA PRODUCTS CO., LTD. POOL & SPA PRODUCTS CO., LTD. readies its leader role in swimming pool innovation in Architect ’18 and pave way for the new ASEAN market channel.

  From the company’s over 45 years of experience with more than 50,000 swimming pool portfolios across the country, POOL & SPA PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is among leading developers and companies in Thailand which specializes in all-rounded swimming pool system that are considered unique and prestigious for its technological advancement. The products derive from delicate...
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WINDECOR CO., LTD. Ready to Launch in ARES, Innovative Roof in Architect Expo 2018

WINDECOR CO., LTD. , a mosquito net and outdoor-indoor shading devices manufacturer, has made several nets, hinges and awnings during their 20 years’ history. All are beautiful, yet convenient and practical, considered prestigious by customers both in Thailand and abroad. In this upcoming Architect Expo 2018, WINDECOR is to launch “ARES, sun protection roof which...
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