TAC-M Group Co., Ltd. – XYLENT & Silent of the innovative product design.

TAC-M Group Co., Ltd. – We are a leader in water pipe innovation with over 50 years of experience in construction materials.

The company is dedicated to bringing new piping products into the market under the vision, “All new products must be better, in a more economical price”. At the frontline, Syler PE-Lined Steel Pipe is featured as a zinc powder-coated, reinforced steel pipe product with inner PE plastic to prevent rust, as well as steel-equivalent pressure endurance properties.



Next in line is the green PP-R pipe that is considered a new innovative result of plastic pipe market. It is modified with sliding lock mechanism without the need for glue to combine together multiple pieces, leaving no leakage between adjoining points. The product has over 50 years of lifespan, holding German standard for international export and quality. They are sold nationwide at HomePro, Thai Watsadu, Boonthavorn, Mega Home, and other distribution representatives across Thailand with no.1 sales rank until today. Last year, a new product under the same umbrella was launched under the brand XYLENT, which offers sound absorbing properties.



The quiet XYLENT water pipe is manufactured from the Poloplast factory which is the world’s first fabricator of 3-layered pipe, located in Germany and Austria. Created from quality materials, it is quality-guaranteed by SKZ on EN 1451-1 standard regulated by German and Austrian Plastic Institutes. Its inner layer consists of special PP plastic pellets which absorb sound to emit no higher than 22 dB. Furthermore, the pipe can withstand piling pressure of up to 6 kN/mz, offering high resistance to breakage, enduring chemical exposure, showing considerable strength, and are easy to install.

The product is able to withstand the temperature of up to 97 degrees Celsius and up to minus -20 degree Celsius. With its versatile properties, XYLENT has become a most sought-after asset by luxury 5-star hotel customers. Its noise absorbing qualities makes it perfect for interior use as well as meeting the needs of elderly market to reduce extra sound while sleeping.



XYLENT is ideal as water drainage, waste drainage, rain drainage, kitchen drainage, wash drainage, and lab water drainage. Its main feature of various joint options allows adaptive use for real life application. It is easy to install and can be mixed with other types of pipes as needed.

Architect ’18 has been a consistent target of TAC-M for participation. The company believes it to be a center of architects gathering which involves exhibition of innovation and structural systems. It is in the company’s aspiration to deliver its own innovation in, bricks, stones, sand, and piping to be more than what they are. They aim to showcase an awestruck highlight of products in 2018.

Meet TAC-M in Architect ’18 exposition at S110 exhibition booth at Challenger Hall 1-3 between 1-6 May 2018.