Siam Fiberglass is the first manufacturer of fiberglass sound insulators in Thailand.

Siam Fiberglass is the first manufacturer of fiberglass sound insulators in Thailand.

Talking about fiberglass, who would have thought it could be used as a building material with a lot of utility in houses. Previously, fiberglass was not a popular building materials at all, but over time its value as building material has shined through its optical applications. Fiberglass can be used as thermal insulation, and eventually it has been developed into a high performance sound insulator that meets all kinds of demand with optimal results.

Siam Fiberglass Co., Ltd. of SCG Group Cement – Construction Products, is a manufacturer of fiberglass thermal insulator (SCG), translucent sheet (SCG) and acoustic material (SCG).

As well as being a ‘Green Label’ award holder from Thailand Environment Institute for being the first manufacturer to use recycle glass instead of sand to produce insulators, which reduces the energy expended in melting sand into glass, reduces the use of natural sand, and also reduces waste from glass bottle in the country.

Mr. Salil Kantanarumitrakul, Marketing Manager Siam Fiberglass Limited provides information about the origins of making thermal insulation to developing them into sound insulation. “It must be noted that thermal insulation was not very popular before, because there wasn’t much consideration put into dealing with heat. Most people will thought that if the weather gets hot, we just turn on the air conditioner. Which is a solution that does not address the problem at the source. The hotter the air, the more the air conditioner has to work, and that leads to a larger electricity bill. In 1996, we started developing ‘Stay Cool’ insulation mats for ceiling panels. We had already done the researched that they can save you up to 47% off your electricity bill, but then we discovered that in addition to fiberglass’ application with heat, it also has a dead air gap or a static cavity inside the body of the insulation to help absorb sound energy as well.”

After finding out about this quality in fiberglass insulation, Siam Fiberglass came up with the idea to develop the fiberglass thermal insulation product so that it can be used for sound insulation. And with so much noise pollution these days, it is a good opportunity for the company to offer this product on a macro scale.

“In 2009, ‘Cylence Expert’ was established, bringing together engineers with acoustic knowledge to investigate solutions in addressing noise problems in various conditions.”

After doing research, it was found that the properties of sonic reduction can be divided into two types of sound protection. There is preventing the sound from penetrating from one room to another, and there’s sound absorption, which also helps to improve the sound quality in the room. Such as reducing echo and prevents reverberation of the noise. From the study of fiberglass materials, we found that they can absorb up to 90% of the sound transmitted. However, fiberglass requires a cover material to protect it from impact which divides into two types of sound absorbers; ‘Glass Cloth’ industrial fabric that emphasizes strength, and durability for industrial applications; and furniture fabrics that can be utilized as décor for meeting rooms, seminar halls or residential aesthetics. As for the application of preventing the sound from penetrating through, insulators are used in conjunction with rigid surface materials such as SmartBoards, gypsum or plywood to prevent sound from penetrating outside or to other building. This application is suitable for industrial use.

The products also have an advantage edge in terms of the manufacturing processes that the company has adopted technology from the united states. The fibers are produced uniformly and beautifully. They can also be produced as high density solids with a density of over 100 kg / cubic meter. The quality and utility of the noise absorbers have all been rigorously tested to confirm the performance of the products.

There are four acoustic insulation / sound insulation materials available by SCG, divided into 1 sound barrier and 3 sound absorbers that can be used for all applications.

  • Cylence ™ Zoundblock ™ sound insulation walls are gray solid panel. Used for sound insulation between walls or as an addition to be used in conjunction with SmartBoard walls, gypsum boards, aerated brick walls and other walls for better sound proofing.

  • Sound absorbing wall panel Cylence ™ Zoftone ™ is a finished wallboard that helps to absorb resonance and reduce echoes. Made of glass wool compacted into panels, and covered with special fiberglass cloths. This product is focused on utility over aesthetic. Suitable for use in factories, studios and music practice rooms.

    • Sound absorbing walls Cylence ™ Zandara ™ is made from glass wool panels with lightweight, and finished with soft, lightweight fabrics which comes in two fabric varieties: standard fabric and ‘Pasaya’ fabric. Emphasized as decorative furnishing, they are easy to install, available in a variety of colors, suitable for living rooms, home theaters, conference rooms.

  • Cylence ™ Wondery ™ sound-absorbing ceiling panels helps to reduce noise reverberations. Made from glass wool with high density, and covered with decorative pattern. They are easy to install, and are suitable for use in pre-decorated rooms such as churches, shopping malls, meeting rooms, etc.

In terms of the products promotion, Mr. Salil said, “In the beginning, we have to make a lot of effort. Because people are not really worried about the problem of noise that much. If not from governmental pressures, such as from orders to shutdown the factory. But, in the past 2-3 years, people have started to understand the product and has begun to focus on solving the problem of noise. So we started promoting through various channels such as SCG’s website or Facebook page. Arranging for the product to be showcased in different regions. As well as, having display rooms at ‘SCG Home Solution’ and at ‘SCG Experience’. ”

Lastly, there is the after-sales service that Siam Fiberglass and SCG have set up to provide consultation and advise clients from beginning to end. They also provide assistance in design to solve noise problems known as ‘Total Solution’. And if you follow the SCG website you can get an overview of the detailed information about installation directly from SCG’s website.