POOL&SPA PRODUCTS CO., LTD. POOL & SPA PRODUCTS CO., LTD. readies its leader role in swimming pool innovation in Architect ’18 and pave way for the new ASEAN market channel.


From the company’s over 45 years of experience with more than 50,000 swimming pool portfolios across the country, POOL & SPA PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is among leading developers and companies in Thailand which specializes in all-rounded swimming pool system that are considered unique and prestigious for its technological advancement. The products derive from delicate designs with attention to detail and professional creativity which defines the company as a professional that continues to gain trust from customers since its beginning.

POOL & SPA’s business covers every pool system along with each system’s installation i.e. waste water treatment, ready-made swimming pool, water filters, fish pond filtration, water pump, underwater lighting, swim jet, water features, sauna and steam, heater, and DOLPHIN automatic pool cleaner, as well as chemical products for pool use.

POOL & SPA Identity

“We have always believed that every pool is made unique.

We are, therefore, proud to create these designs.

They are made to meet the demands of our customers to the highest level of satisfaction.” 


 In the heat of Architect ’18 Expo this coming May, Ms. Kunsara Sonakul Na Ayutthaya, Managing Partner of POOL & SPA, shared her marketing perspective and the company’s directions…


The difference between swimming pool business in Thailand and in ASEAN

  • POOL & SPA regularly exports its products to ASEAN region throughout our decades of history. We continuously reach out to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other neighboring countries. The response to our export initiatives has been quite positive with continuous growth. Comparing the figures of ASEAN to Thailand, we do not see much of a difference in terms of the swimming pool market.

The reason for this is because Thai market currently holds a particularly high growth rate, and is still growing in a similar fashion. It stems from the shift of modern needs for swimming pools in a house, pool villa, or even new-age condominium which is constructed together with swimming pool as a package deal. This caused the demand to rise constantly for real estate developers, investors, general home owners, and all other related target groups.




  • POOL&SPA innovation for swimming pool is developed and designed with focus on being responsible for the surrounding environment. Every piece of instrument involved are carefully imported and selected for its quality to fully clean the water as well as to filter all the waste down to the very detail. We make it so that users do not have to change or drain out their pool water for at least 10 years. Furthermore, we import and distribute special chemical products from Japan for all pool use. They are guaranteed to ensure safe Chlorine level that possesses the same standard for drinking water.


Views on Architect ’18

  • POOL&SPA takes its look at the Architect ’18 exposition to be a grandeur event in Southeast Asia. It is the only show to bring together everything about construction materials from the root of manufacturing to project-end. In our 45 years, POOL&SPA has never missed a spot in the expo; we have grown together with Architect Expo since the beginning. We have witnessed it constant changes and development throughout the years, with particularly higher attendance of foreigners roaming the show with enthusiasm. This is definitely a product of utmost care from the organizer and the always-developing exhibitors.


Readiness for the “Beyond Ordinary”

  • Architect ’18 brings such an interesting concept of “Beyond Ordinary” which has become the subject for us to interpret precisely and execute accordingly. This time, POOL&SPA prepares it extraordinary products under the idea of “The Ordinary that is Not Ordinary” i.e. swim jet with allows speed adjustment, automatic pool cleaner, water treatment system, pool temperature control system, and other creative products that are due to be showcased in Architect Expo this year.



Featuring Products at Architect ’18

  • SwimSpa, filter, water pump, automatic pool cleaner, infrared sauna room, salt unit, pool UV, water descents (9 products).

Welcoming to Architect ’18

  • We ask that you come to see us at POOL&SPA exhibition area for this year’s event. We have been prepared to showcase new innovative water feature products to let customers gain direct experience with each gadget we have to offer. Apart from this, we are open for consultancy on making swimming pools to help our customers adapt their ideas to make a safe pool of their dreams with complete functionality.

Meet POOL&SPA at Architect ’18 at S507 booth at Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Arera, Muangthong Thani, between 1-6 May 2018