POLYMER MASTER CO., LTD. : Opening up the world of design innovation in Architect Expo 2018

“Standing for quality, ready to meet our customers’ needs is our job,” is a big promise given by Polymer Master Limited, an expert in door and window products. With its extensive 15 years of expertise and a pool of talent teams, the company plans to roam Architect Expo 2018 with its new innovation and service.

Polymer Master Limited is a distributor and installer of German-standard uPVC doors and windows under “Starke” brand and synthetic wood from Tree Concept, along with Wall Solutions brick-like walling materials. The company highlights standardized production, strict quality control of manufactured products, and its utmost care given to customers.

Ms. Ratchadaporn Parinyanusorn, the Managing Director of Polymer Master Limited, shared, “We are creating new innovation for designs to expand the variety of selections for designers to cultivate their work upon. The products also take into account other users such as contractors and general retail decorators. Our service is highlighted from fast delivery time to ready-to-serve stock amount.”

She further shared that the company participates in architect-related events regularly to showcase new products. Architect Expo 2018 will coincide with the company’s new theme of “Beyond Ordinary” for which architects and designers are given topics for innovative design with the elements of quality, endurance, and artistic inspiration.


Several of the featuring Polymer Master’s products will be showcased at Architect Expo 2018.


STARKE (windows and doors) is made with standard uPVC material confirmed to withstand all types of weather such as extreme cold in Moscow, Russia to extreme heat in Arab Emirates with the properties of specifically combined titanium materials to increase endurance and decrease decay and breakage.


Tree Concept, a synthetic wood brand cultivated from the green idea to conserve forest use, is made from a unique blend of wood and plastic. The product offers wood-like surface sensation with high endurance, anti-rust, heat-resistant, water-resistant, and anti-termite properties, and easy to install. A true design for environmentally-friendly users to expand their architectural work upon.


Wall Solution is considered an innovative alternative walling material for exterior construction. Wall Solution is quick, easy to install, and exudes a taste of unique beauty with the shapes and colors that resemble nature. It is durable in all climate and does not rust, ideal for various design works i.e. resident, shop, and any area striving for nature-like atmosphere.

Find out more about Polymer Master products in Architect Expo 2018, booth number F504 in the furniture and home decoration section, Challenger Hall 1-3 Impact, Muang Thong Thani. The event will be set during 1-6 May, 2018.