MATERIAL WORLD CO., LTD. Architect Expo Thailand 2018 prompted to take you to the world of innovative construction materials and cutting edge equipments.

The initial endeavor of any manufacturing industry, no matter how miniscule or super-size in scale, begins with the consideration and sourcing of the “material”. It is the properties of the materials themselves that is paramount to acquiring the guidelines toward actual pragmatic application, determining installation methodology, to the overall structural overview.

Currently, the most common problems for entrepreneurs, buyers, and designers, are finding the right materials, figuring the installation process, and getting the decor to have utility that is practical at a price that will make them competitive in the market. It comes to scarcity or lack of quality. In a business that is constantly driven by an ever increment in growth with no view in sight of decline, finding a company or organization that produces specialized equipments that is reliable in terms of quality at a competitive price has become a major factor in the manufacturing industry. This might be the reason why MATERIAL WORLD CO., LTD. has become No. 1 in Thailand’s integrated material distribution market.

With over 22 years of experience and expertise in the industry, MATERIAL WORLD CO., LTD., founded in 1996, has the most comprehensive coverage as a leader in providing high quality materials, operation systems for buildings, and logistic system products.

With over 22 years of experience and expertise in the industry, MATERIAL WORLD CO., LTD., founded in 1996, has the most comprehensive coverage as a leader in providing high quality materials, operation systems for buildings, and production logistic systems. The company’s business sphere encompasses the entire manufacturing industry, from the very beginning of the product line, to the production process, and virtually to all categories of packaging. Furthermore, the company has reached out into products and innovations for automated warehousing as one of the key features of the company’s portfolio. The primary mission of the organization is to secure shipments and help protect goods during delivery, in order for them to reach the consumers in the condition of their optimal quality.

Ms. Waswan Eamcharoenying (Manager / Team Management) introduces and discloses the organization’s vision. “Our focus is on logistics. Because it satisfies the main purpose of the organization; to meet the needs the consumers from the very beginning of the production line, to completing the final process of delivery to consumers. We have products ranging from packaging equipment, transportation equipment, innovations in electric ceiling fans, automatic doors, and compact equipment for practical general use.

These devices have the technology and design principles for built-in utility, mostly related to the processes in warehouse or in the largest industrial estates”.

Perspectives and expectations for Architect Expo?

For MATERIAL WORLD, the Architect Expo is a great showcase opportunity and is widely recognized in Thailand. Most of the people who pays a visit to the event are designers, contractors, and business owners, both domestic and international. So, this greatly facilitates us in making contact with these customers, as well as enabling us to open new markets, and gain more recognition. As for our expectations for the 2018 Architect Expo, we are looking forward to offer and provide consultation about our products and services. For those who visit the exhibition area, you can physically see, touch, and test the products. This will allow participating visitors to understand the true qualities of our product much more than what they previously know.


Mainly, we focus on decreasing the time needed for a work process, reducing the toll on labor, and emphasize the importance of lowering the cost of production from manual labor. Imagine the benefits of having equipment that fully harnesses cutting-edge innovation. This is a great way to accommodate the many people in the workplace in each and everyday of work. For example, in accordance to this year’s Architect Expo theme; Beyond Ordinary, we have prepared prompted innovations like the giant 7.3 meter diameter ceiling fan which can distribute the movement of air over an area of 2,000 square meters; High Speed Doors, automated doors that opens and closes at expediting speeds for quick access and exit; and Safe Barrier and Rack Guard, or buffer equipment to protect against collisions that have shape-memory qualities and prevents damage to the building’s floors. These 3 products are all innovations from MATERIAL WORLD which will be presented at the 2018 Expo.

In addition, we will be holding a forum at the expo to provide customers with information and news on new innovations from us as well.



  • MacroAir HVLS Fan (High Volume Low Speed ​​Fan) High performance   super-size fan with patented technology from the United State controlled by “Air Brain” microprocessor equipped with the latest industrial safety system to minimize the probability of problems from the disruption of electrical power supply or voltage flux, also provides efficient indoor circulation of the air.


  • Gearless Fan System Powered by DC Motor DC Direct Drive
  • Forward / Reverse function, enables air flow to be driven in two directions.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Up to 50,000 hours warranty



  • High Speed ​​Door, automated doors with high open-shut speed, Happy Gate Monban (The best quality from Japan) is suitable for industrial factories, warehouses, shops and general building.

Can be used to accommodate:

  1. Indoor installation, design takes into account aesthetics, compactness, and lightweightedness.
  2. Outdoor use, can withstand pressure from strong winds. Enhances protection against dust and insect.
  3. Cold Storage / Freezer Storage, special design to help keep the room temperature constant, with transparent canvas, clearly visible. With anti-freeze protection for door fringes.


  • Opens & Shuts at extra high speed
  • Dust & Insect Proof
  • Count Down & Error Code display screen

Temperature control, protection from wind and external air pressure.



  • Safety Barrier and Rack Guard or collision buffers, protective product display shelves, suitable for all types of industrial plants such as warehouses, airports, department stores, and general building


  • Made from Memaplex, a High Impact Polymer, it can return to its original shape and be ready for use immediately after collision.
  • High safety application, It can handle more impact than steel bumpers, protects the pole from all directions, and does not damage building floor like steel bumpers.
  • Save costs on floor maintenance and on repairment/replacement costs of structure poles from collisions.
  • All materials are tested by European standards and by leading institutions.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor weather conditions. UV resistant and temperature resistant -40 C to -50 C.
  • Food Grade, can touch food and does not rust, unlike steel bumper.
  • Not a conductor of electricity.


  • Dock Leveler & Dock Platform, adjustable load platforms, can be installed into the foundation or on ground for loading goods onto and unloading out of transport trucks. Optimize the loading process by connecting the vehicle to the load platform or for different load position required the height of the bridge can be adjusted up and down to most efficient height.


  • Reduce Load / Unload time of industrial containers
  • Higher safety in loading products.
  • I-beam construction supports 15 tons.
  • Operates with control switch.


WELCOME TO architect ’18

“I sincerely invite all interested persons to visit the Architect Expo 2018. We at MATERIAL WORLD have the highest enthusiasm for our presentation. We have the most innovative products to show to the fullest of their capacity. Our displays will make you feel like you are walking in our warehouse. Or join us in the forum area where we will be distributing information and counseling on our products for your convenience in putting our products to use promptly.”

For those who want to see the latest materials from MATERIAL WORLD CO., LTD., please join us at Architect Expo 2018, at exhibition space number L104, lighting and appliances zone, Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, May 1-6, 2018.