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Although designers (both interior and exterior) have various artistic tastes, they share one common trait; they see the importance of geographical-friendly designs. Users do not only look for something beautiful in its design, but also something suitable for their way of life.

Next question is…

What kind of interior design materials that really hits the nail on the head?

First of all, you have to understand that currently, Thailand interior design industry is a competitive market. Customers have many choices various in their prices and quality. However, it is ‘the later’ that guarantees whether a brand really cares about its customers. Lixil, 49-year-old leading company in interior industry, has been emphasizing on the quality of its products and therefore become customers’ first choice. ‘American Standard’ is its more familiar name of which once may find it appearing in households, popular condominiums or luxurious hotels.

Lixil (Thailand) Public Company Limited provides customers with excellent quality household products, from doors, windows, tiles to garages, ready-made kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and toilets. With its mission to fulfill customers’ need of ‘Good Life’, Lixil is with customers in every process, from consulting process to area survey and analysis. It provides guarantee for both newly-built and repaired parts. Moreover, it offers customers residential efficiency and credit estimations.

Mr.Sitthirat Watcharaporn, Country General Manager of Lixil, reveals that “In Thailand, Lixil is composed of 3 brands, namely American Standard, INAX and TOSTEM.” Each brand is different in its characters and attributes, all designed for various customers’ needs.

American Standard extraordinarily reflects the lifestyle of people in South East Asia. It comes with innovative technology perfectly combined with exclusive selection of designs. Variety of products under the brand, including toilets, washing basins and other sanitary products can ensure that users’ demands are met.

INAX is smart Japanese sanitary wares, outstanding in its latest technology most suitable for Thai people. Under its Smart Control System, users can be assured of the precision control of every shower toilet function. It is also nature-friendly and provides users with music while they are doing their business.

TOSTEM is a leading aluminium door and window manufacturer. The products under this brand are exclusively and delicately designed for South East Asia geography for they can protect huge amount of rain and protect noise from outside. Even though most doors and windows in Thailand are made of uPVC, advanced researches have found that this material is rather suitable for cold countries. Aluminium, therefore, is chosen as a material for it is proved to be more appropriate for Thailand geography when compared to uPVC.

  • What is your point of view towards architect?

“For years, American Standard was not a main focus in terms of architect. In the last 4-5 years, however, we experience the change in its quality and the development in its presentation. Next year, under the concept ‘Beyond Ordinary’, we prepare the latest and most innovative technologies, emphasizing on the importance of ‘Perfect combination of designs and functions’. Smart Control technology is also another brand highlight.”

Since the lifestyle of elders are changed lately, we become more concerned with comfortability. Moreover, LIXIL is ready to push TOSTEM into the market to introduce creative products to customers.



REGIO INTEGRATED TOILET from INAX with its attribute of Direct Vortex System that can clean with water pressure alone  (which means no waiting for the tank to refill.) Water will flow in the bowl in circle to flush away waste, then, clean water will flow out to clean the surface of the bowl. Moreover, REGIO also comes with other attributes:

  1. Two Separate Nozzles
  • Nozzles automatically clean themselves every time after use.
  • Warm water spray that can gently and comfortably clean the intimate area.
  • 2 cleansing modes: Intensive and gentle cleans.

     2. Fully Automatic System

  • Automatic lid and heated seat when one gets close to the toilet bowl.
  • Automatic sound module and deodorizing
  • Self-closing lid
  1. Comfort Technology
  • Automatic sound module, turned on when the lid is opened to make users relaxed
  • Plasmacluster Technology
  • Softlight inside and on the toilet bowl’s base


AQUA CERAMIC from  American Standard is outstanding in its luxurious design made of real ceramic, along with an innovative technology that guarantees to reduce stains on the toilet bowl. It also comes with Super Hydrophilicity, the latest cleansing system that can quickly and completely flush waste away as well as save water.

FOLDING DOOR from TOSTEM is extraordinarily designed for outdoor living space. Residents can enjoy the beautiful panorama to the fullest.

Folding Door offers customers, with doors upto 16 doors, upto 12 meters in width and 3 meters in height.

Other attributes:

There are 2 kinds of Folding Door:

  1. Watertight Sill (Waterproof for outdoor space)
  2. Flat Sill (For partition)


  • Frame Depth is at 72 mm.
  • Maximum Height of door is at 3030 mm.
  • Floor Height is divided into 2 kinds
    1. Watertight Sill is at 55 mm.
    2. Flat Sill is at 35 mm.
  • Door is divided into 2 kinds
  1. Standard 4 / 6 / 8
  2. Panoramic 12 / 16
  • Glass Groove is at 11 mm.
  • Glass Thickness is at 5 / 6 / 8 mm.

Window Performance (Only in  Watertight Sill Model)

  • Wind Load Resistance is at 850 Pa (JIS)
  • Water Leak Defense is at 180 Pa (JIS)
  • Noise Protection Upto 25 dB* (JIS T-1)
  • Air Leak Defense is at 2M3 (M2.h) (JIS A-4)

For those who interested in innovative creation for the future, please do not be reluctant to joint architect’18 held at D301 in Door, Window and Roof Zone, Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani from May 1-6, 2018.