J.N.V. INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIES CO., LTD. modifies your area as you wish and efficiently reduces noise with Movable Walls, J.N.V new innovation


J.N.V. is an importer and supplier of walls, movable walls and doors. With more than 25 years of experiences, we have created a lot of projects to construction material markets and many leading companies in Thailand. We have our own professional inspection service and installation team and are ready to supply high quality products with equivalent European standard to respond product user’s satisfaction with 2-year warranty and lifetime service.

For the upcoming Architect’18, Julia W. Petchayapaisit (managing director) will attend and present guidelines and conceptual pattern to tell the story of construction material both in Thailand and global market.



Nowadays, a lot of construction business are more taking space allocation and noise insulation into account. Planning to support and response to the demand is now highly needed among internal markets in Thailand together with elderly people’s trend is coming in 2018. We, therefore think and import movable wall materials to directly response this usability as we think that elderly people are national important personnel. We design and invent the process of making elderly people’s room partition (the elder who are inconvenient to go up and down the stairs) to have their own private rooms downstairs and able to modify central space as they wish.

In the aspect of channel of distribution and presentation of product innovation, we think that architect expo is a very interesting and excellently efficient channel way of presentation as this expo is full of personnel and experts who are prudential and visit to see products and innovations. Architect expo also helps us to widely launch into groups of architects, contractors, designers including distributors in Thailand and ASEAN. Moreover, main objective of the organization is to publicize and communicate the understanding of product quality so that there are choices of good and equivalent European standard products for consumers (not only manufactured in Thailand but also affordable).



What we are proudly present in Architect’18 is our various types of movable wall which have the maximum efficiency of noise insulation up to 15-metre height. It comes up with electrical system supporting efficient move. Aside from noise insulation solid wall, we offer Trans Acoustic with modern and beautiful look, airy feeling from light condition and great heat reduction which is suitable for installing in modern conference room and designed work for natural touch giving obvious surrounding view.

For those who are interested in the innovation of movable wall from J.N.V. are very welcome to visit us at D501 exhibition area in Architect’18, Impact Muang Thong Thani, Challenger Hall 1-3 during May 1-6, 2018.