Architect Expo stages a complete range of products and services in the construction and building industries to its visitors. Each type of product and service is grouped together in a specific zone.

Door, Window, Roof, Metal & Services
Stud, Aluminum, Alloy, Steel, Metal, Glass, Glass block, Door, Window, Rolling shutter, Grating, Mosquito screen, Window film, Roof, Ceiling board, Wall, Acoustical material, Cornice, Insulation material, Partition, Roof ventilation, Roofing tile, PVC, Garden, Landscape architect, Fountain, Fence, Gate, Playground equipment, Tensioned-membrane structure.

Finishes & Decoration
Furniture, Decoration, Carpet, Curtain, Cladding, Wall covering, Handicraft, Painting, Sculpture, Flooring, Wood, Architect wood, Laminate, Concrete, Epoxy, Rubber, Parguet, Vinyl, Geosysthetic product, Paint.

Sanitary Ware, Kitchen, Tile & Stone
Sanitary Ware, Bathroom, Kitchen appliance, Kitchen furniture, Sauna, Steam bath, Swimming pool, Tile, Stone, marble, Granite, Ceramic, mosaic, Terrazzo.

Construction equipment, Paver, Concrete mixer, Formwork and Scaffolding, Electric tool, laser machine, Pile, Concrete product, Brick, Adhesive, Sealant, Grout, Silicone, Coating, Lubricant, Chemical, Waterproofing-admixture, Cleaning, Pest control.

International Building Materials and Decoration

Lighting, Electrical appliances
Lighting, Chandelier, Electrical appliances, Air-conditioning equipment and system, Audio visual equipment, Cable support system, Elevator, Escalator, Surge protection-equipment, Solar cell.

Exhibiting & presentation from related faculty in Architecture & Design from major universities and institutes in Domestic and International.

Home Builder
Home Builder, Building Contractor, Interior decorator, Real estate developer, Building-material store, Banking.

Safety & Security
Automation system, Telecom, Access Control, Security, CCTV, Car park system, Computer system integrator, Fire alarm system, Building Automation System.