EDL LAMINATES CO., LTD. – Think of different for the best quality.

EDL Laminates Co., Ltd., one of the leading importers of High pressure laminated surface materials for interior decoration, is ready to astound customers with new inspiration and creativity through product design.

The company first started its business in Thailand in 2014 with its headquarters in Singapore and a Malaysia branch. Its products have been positively received by designers, architects, real estate developers, and end-users alike.

With a design striving for perfection filled with beauty and modern technological touch, the products focus on the user with utmost care. They are aimed at both wide usage and specialized work.

Ms. Patpimol Chotesawetanan, an executive of EDL Laminates Co., Ltd. Thailand, gave remarks on the company’s excitement to showcase products on the largest exhibition area in Architect Expo 2018. She shared that EDL does not exhibit often and only participate in annual architect-related events. The 2018 exposition is the right arena for the company as the target customers will flock in to check on the products.

The executive also revealed that the event will be a stage for creative exchange. A share of knowledge, innovation, and ideas will help the company to develop further and reach out to more people to recognize the brand.

EDL, over the course of 3 years, has changed its product catalog over 5 times, keeping up-to-date with trends and technology. They aim to meet the needs of designers and large-project users. The company focuses on new materials, durability, colors, and practical designs that match actual usage.



In Architect Expo 2018, Ms. Patpimol said that the company will highlight several key products.

“FENIX”, surface material imported from Italy, offers a variety of options and up to 3-meter size to select from. It is infused with nanotechnology that helps to fade out scratches and surface damage of no more than 30%. This can be done simply by spraying water onto the surface and apply maximum heat pressure. Moreover, the material is practical for cleaning, water-resistant, and lifetime anti-fading. They come in 14 colors coupled with guarantee awards from 14 countries across the world.

“Woods”, surface material imported from Italy, comes in a large selection of over 240 designs. The product imitates natural surface feels and highlights endurance. They are often preferred by high-end designers.

“Piano Gloss”, surface laminated material imported from Taiwan, has the lustre of +-115%, comparable to that of acrylic surface which has the most shining qualities in the current market. It has the thickness of 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, and 3.0 millimeters. The product offers high quality, less refractive by light, easiness to install, and economical price.

“Color Core” and “White Core”, imported from Japan, instills transparent qualities, suitable for display usage. The product is specially manufactured by using Décor Paper in place of Craft Paper that allows the product to be in the same color through. It is practical for use and does not require repaint.

“Stone & Marble” comes with new fresh designs with surface feels that resemble natural stone. It is best used by designers who are in love with mix & match inspiration to create new ideas and work.

EDL Laminates showcases its products at the Architect Expo 2018 at F405 booth.

Architect Expo 2018 is open for public participants during May 1-6, 2018 at Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact, Muang Thong Thani.