Amnuaydech Floor Tile Co., Ltd. More Than Just Wood

Amnuaydech Floor Tile Co., Ltd. or AND conducts its business on rubber tiles, insulation film, and safety film products for construction projects and normal construction use. AND was established in 1993, changing from its former name “Amnuaydech Supplies Limited”, which marked its first step as a distributor of decorative construction materials in the local Thai market.

With the company’s determination to meet client satisfaction, AND pushes its relentless efforts in developing its human resources and the working team. This is an aim to maximize output under guidance of professional executives of the company.

Amnuaydech Floor Tiles Co., Ltd. as a familiar name among decorative construction materials in Thailand

  • Rubber Tiles products: Dynoflex, Starflex, Deluxe, Armstrong, Gerflor
  • Insulation Film, and Safety Film products: 3M, Hanita, Hikoo

For the Architect ’18 starting in May this year, Mr. Montri Amnuaydechkorn (CEO of Amnuaydech Floor Tiles Co., Ltd.), has shared a personal direction toward the exposition.

“It has always been that flooring products are made from rubber attached by adhesive gluing substance,” said Mr. Montri. “About 10 years ago, tiles made from vinyl laminate were innovated which use locking clips on each of the 4 sides. These really helped the installation process to be faster, offered wood-like appearance, and endured years of usage. It continued in the market until today.”

He also shared, “Innovative flooring products, in one aspect, I must say that every year comes a parade of new products including both wood substitute and real natural wood ones. This drives us to analyze the country zoning and climate specificity of Thailand before making certain imports for larger distribution. The country is located in a hot-humid zone therefore the materials we select must be able to withstand heat considerably to avoid shrinking or expanding in actual use (materials should be able to endure the temperature range of -10 to -50 degree Celsius). Every piece of material we import must go through quality assessment and pass multiple international certifications”.

“Our current market trend seems to focus on ‘Herringbone series’ tiles that are made of vinyl which can be positioned decoratively to make fishbone pattern. Customers may create their own patterns as we provide 12 additional designs. The fishbone design derives from the concept of ‘Reunion’ or the return of past trend. Modern trend today yearns for something with ‘Antique’ sensation, coupling with raw and hip look that does not possess too much elegance, hence the return of fishbone design today,” said Mr. Montri. “Furthermore, AND also offers ‘stone’ flooring tiles to meet modern demand while contrasting it with the images of stones and wood to amplify the natural atmosphere that are in total synchronicity”.

“Apart from being trend-oriented, AND puts in our care for the elderly use and the products that support the new-age elderly end-user. ‘Health Rug” is among the company’s latest products with the properties of (1.) Does not accumulate dust (2.) Impenetrable by water (3.) Easy to install (4.) Slip-free suitable for dry floor installation i.e. living room, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom’s dry section.”

“Health Rug is made from real vinyl, woven like cloth. It can be easily cleaned by a simple use of vacuum cleaner. If the rug gets stained, it can also be scrubbed off by fast-moving scrubber of any type. Customers are free to customize colors any rug styles as they please along with a selection of 5 shapes: triangle, square, hexagon, plank, and wing”.

Mr. Motri adamantly said, “In our readiness to join Architect ’18, we differentiate our company to meet ‘beyond ordinary’ with our following products:


  • Woven Vinyl Innovative floor rug made from vinyl woven together with fiberglass which reinforces product endurance. They are combined together and shaped up to be beautifully woven patterns. The products are available in rolls, size 50×50 cm. with 2.8 m. thickness; they are lightweight and easy for installation. Moreover, woven vinyl is a green product that is environmentally-friendly due to its lack of all dangerous chemicals, suitable for installation anywhere, in any area. It simply enhances beauty and brings out uniqueness of any space via using basic installation tools. This is truly a DIY product that best supports any favorite space to look more appealing.


  • Easy to install
  • 100% waterproof
  • Low maintenance
  • Dust and stain resistant
  • Slip-free enhanced


Herringbone series Vinyl flooring materials, unique for its nature-like patterns that come in multiple series for selection to best fit various design works, for example:

  • Stone Series Size 304.8 mm. x 605 mm., thickness 5.0 mm., wear layer 0.5 mm., available styles are Lugano, San Marino, Rimini, Cerotto Light, Cerotto Dark, Cerotto Natural
  • Wood Series Size 120×720 mm. thickness 5.0 mm. available styles are Golden Oak Light, Aspen Oak Silver, Aspen Oak White, Golden Oak Auburn, Golden Oak Natural

Finally, no matter what type of designer you are,” conclude Mr. Montri, “a real estate developer or end-user who is looking for products or having small to large projects on-hand, are all welcome to the Architect ’18. The Expo brings forth the newest innovative findings in construction materials as well as new perspectives about various architectures that will open you up to a broader world with deeper academic understanding. Anyone who wishes to view AND’s flooring products may come to exhibition area number S306/2, Challenger Hall, Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani between 1-6 May, 2018.”