Thai Furniture Company Limited … Ready to participate in hot event, Architect Expo 2018

“Materialism” is about revealing intrinsic stories. Everything happens in the cycle of time, either stains, cracks, or colors on the surface that turn pale through time. “Nature”, therefore, is the humans’ greatest gift. Trees are one of important natural resources bestowed by God to humans to create something imaginative as well as to provide protection.

Thai Furniture Company Limited is one company among others which sells wood as building materials. They have enjoyed decades of success. With their concept of combining strangeness with quality, you may be familiar with their name and their products. Thai Furniture Company Limited was founded by Mr. Somchai Chauysathit and his friend, Mr. Wanit Kochswasdi, who first started their business from a scratch. They began with a small sawmill and effectively grew it until now, they expand their business to full-service manufacturing and coloring mills.

Mr. Somchai Chauysathit, Founder, shared his experience. He said, “Since we’re well known as the leader of high quality wood decoration materials, every product from us is always made with love and dedication. We would rather focus on quality than on quantity. This is true since the first step of our production, in which we exclusively select the best wood from Laos, the country most suitable to grow trees for its tropical climate which cultivate hardwood, highly resistant and perfect for furniture making. Every step in our production is done by the hands of professionals. Every piece of our wood is exquisitely carved to achieve not only extrinsic beauty, but also intrinsic value.”

In this upcoming Architect Expo  2018, Thai Furniture Company Limited will proudly present many products, especially these four:

  • Pearl-like Ormosia Wood Table – One of the rarest natural treasures. It is harder than stone and has beautiful well-refined pattern which reveals the instrinsic story of nature. It’s made of Ormosia wood which is cut and carved into a luxurious table set.

  • Long Wood Table – Made with one wood sheet cut in half. It is suitable for wide space.

  • Ormosia Circle Wood Table – Made of a sole Ormosia base wood sheet, strong yet beautiful.

  • Wood Sculptures – 3 styles of exquisitely and delicately made wood sculpture, namely ‘Nature in the wood’, ‘Eigh immortals’ and ‘Ramayana.’ All styles are the combination of Craft and Handmade Style and one’s outstanding identity.

Those who are interested to join Architect Expo  2018 and are looking for beautiful and high-quality wood furniture made of real and rare wood, can come to visit Thai Furniture booth, located on F622, 1-3 Challenger Halls, Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani, from May 1-6, 2018.