WDC (World Class Designed Materials Community) World’s decorative materials community gathering the world of art, designing, and fashion

WDC is the selector of world’s leading decorative materials perfectly gathering great quality and design together. Our products are floor and wall tiles (Porcelain and Ceramic), vinyl wood, laminate wood, engineer wood, faucet, and sanitary fittings. All premium exclusive collections are gathered with modern, luxurious, and high class minimal styles and colorful works keeping interesting details. All these varieties are main popular trend of worldwide decorative materials to make you create and decorate every piece of your area. We design every component to be a masterpiece to provide your smart style as decorative pattern reflects the resident himself. Thus, every detail must represent your style. No matter how distinctive or unique the design is, WDC always keeps our quality. That’s the reason why every inch of WDC products are always trendy at any time and look gorgeous as your real wish.



For our current product trend, we can never refuse that we know this world wider because of digital age. This is why the new gens are not necessary to be with the old sizes. Therefore in this year, an oversize tile is specially being kept an eye on due to its distinctively large size up to 160 x 320 cm. with marbled, luxurious, and modern pattern leading to new gen designer’s popularity who wants to decorate their unique, but affordable pieces. Moreover, its durability is well-known that it’s better than real natural stones including particular thickness and size. Many house-decoration gurus often applies using this tile as an exterior decorative surface material, door, stairs or even desk and counter surface due to its less joints, being cleaned easily and quick installation.

Even oversize tile can satisfy beauty demand which you will never get bored looking at it or it is a new alternative to enhance attractiveness of your design, you’d better selectively choose qualified piece before you make decision. Not only nice pattern but also materials are important and focused especially production innovation. Every detail must be designed for actual usability. It therefore provides the best and most perfect decoration which expands its beauty more than ever.

In addition, the elder’s trend is now more focused. Mega Trend is now changing and all the brands have to catch up. Certainly, one of Mega Trends is Aging society which will be the main customer for every brand. WDC ourselves are developing our products to satisfy this target group. We have adapted our concept of designing new product by using customer centered idea to be a core for advanced development beyond our competitors.  We are trying to find what our customers require such as pattern, tile surface, size, green production or proper height of the product to perfectly satisfy every lifestyle.


Personally, what is your point of view to Architect expo?

Architect expo is like downsizing the world of design and showing it here. Only you walk around the expo, what you will get is not only innovation, home decorative materials or new products but also you will feel the specific created design that satisfies every lifestyle. You’ll know how far the trend has gone and make it an idea and inspiration to decorate your own home. It can be said that you come here once and you don’t have to go anywhere else.


What is the main objective for joining Architect’18 in this year?

WDC normally joins Architect expo. We are distinctive in designing unique tile patterns. Architect expo is where we present our new product innovation including designed collection to be introduced to leading designers who visit the expo. This year, the highlight is the launching of our new products to the market. They are sanitary fittings, faucets and toilet bowl under Bravat brand from Germany. And we, WDC is the official sole distributor in Thailand.


What is your opinion toward the concept of Beyond Ordinary and how is your product innovation prepared to satisfy this point?

WDC normally and continuously develops new products under our concept for product development which is obviously corresponding to the concept of Beyond Ordinary: “Beyond Innovation is Innovative design” as we tend and dare to be unique. Otherwise, we are not called as the leader of designing beautiful tile patterns and the first brand that leading designers think of. Likewise, we are trying to communicate our conceptual process and inspiration of invention, design and development until we get distinctive and unique designed products and innovations to designers so that they appreciate, understand and choose WDC to satisfy their requirements.



Importantly focusing on satisfying designer’s requirement, WDC has welcomed you to have Seamless Experience. The development of oversize tiles in Mega series coming up with 2 sizes: 1.2 x 2.4 m. and 1.6 x 3.3 m. provides the least seamless tiles and installation service from professional technicians. It is considered as the ultra-modernization beyond world’s trend.

Inside WDC booth, we tend to satisfy developer’s requirement by presenting integrated toilet solution: tiles from WDC and sanitary fittings, faucets, sinks, shower heads, and bidets from Germany under Bravat brand which WDC is the sole distributor in Thailand. It’s very easy to meet your requirement with various budget sizes.

Innovation of tile design in the BUILT series has been introduced to the public. WDC is the sole company in Thailand who brings this innovation to be developed and designed with the latest production technology from Italy providing stone-like surface tiles full of holes and bumpy tracks which you will visually never know that it is Porcelain tile. Using Porcelain tile instead of real natural stones leads to double reduction of home decorative cost.


Which types of marketing strategy and public relations will be used for Architect’18?

This year, WDC has broken every marketing rule of home decorative material for the first year. It can be said that WDC has changed marketing strategy to make our brand unique and well-known to every group of our customers: designers, contractors or even house owners. Brand image that we tend to present comes from the development of our leadership in designing unique, different and identical products followed by Big Idea which satisfies the new gens who have their own lifestyles, dare to be different, and own their own tastes. Here comes WDC (World Class Designed Materials Community), World’s decorative materials community gathering the world of art, designing, and fashion. We bring the world of fashion design to enhance more unique and distinctive WDC design leadership image. WDC concept is the principle and guideline for marketing communication. Our brand and organization overall images including unique products are shown under WDC brand which newly represents luxurious and trendy image. The brand provides unique design from every media: offline, online, television, radio, printed matter, social network, and website. We mainly focus on online media to brand and have the target groups immediately remember our image as soon as they think of WDC. Moreover, WDC has continuously arranged marketing events through the whole year. Not only joining exhibition in abroad events but also sale promotion, public relation and direct marketing via distributors or our sales representatives are carried out. We believe that changing our brand to be more distinctive together with continuously developing product innovation will be the main solution during the recovering situation of real estate market. We are competing ourselves to continuously go further than our competitors. We will never be a follower because that is not WDC identity which is now tended to be remembered and chosen.


What is the progress of your displaying area? And what kind of presentation are you going to use?

Our booth is now completely designed. Only the construction process is going to start which is certainly completed in time. We would like all designers to experience WDC new image that you all have to be excited. What you will get from WDC is the innovation of design that we have made and presented with our new products. The products will satisfy every specific requirement of design. We are ready to present our new products with our new booth style that we have never done before. For sure, no brands in Thailand dare to do what we are doing now. Our brave step today is the step of effort and intention to satisfy designer’s needs through WDC brand.


May you please invite people who are interested in Architect’18 to visit us?

WDC really hopes that our 15 years of experience as the market leader of home decorative material with unique design will help every customer to experience premium beautiful house in your own styles by using Porcelain tile, ceramic, vinyl wood, laminate wood or even sanitary fittings. Customers who want to experience luxurious and identical well-designed products are very welcome to WDC booth in Architect’18, our showroom on 2nd floor of CDC, Building D, or our nationwide showrooms, Mr. Bundit Kunaruengroj, Chief Marketing Officer, added.