VILLEROY & BOCH (THAILAND) CO., LTD. – 270 Years of Bathroom Innovation


Villeroy & Boch is German legendary sanitary ware that has stood firmly for 270 years. Starting off from ceramic and tile business groups, it expanded to the realm of sanitary ware and became the leader in ‘Total Bathroom Solution.’ It offers broad ranges of sanitary ware that meet all demands as well as high standard after-sale service. Moreover, its quality and service are trusted by more than 125 countries nationwide. Thailand is considered the largest production base in Asia, producing and distributing products to many countries around the world.

Villeroy & Boch offers premium products, focusing on Hi-End market that has such aggressive growth. The goal we determine to conquer is to be known and remembered. We do not only emphasize on the long history of brand, but also launch new designs that feed the market’s hunger. We are also the first to introduce new technologies and innovations such as Direct Flush, rimless design toilet flushing system and Ceramic Plus, toilet coating innovation that facilitates cleaning tasks as well as prevent scratches, all of which come in remarkably elegant designs.

Our products are user-friendly and easy to use. Customers can customize them according to their own bathroom. Customers can position bathtubs as they desire, either on the left or right corners of the bathroom. Or if customers want Jet nozzles, they can choose the system according to their budget. Washing basins, moreover, are so varied in shades that customers can choose whatever that fits their bathroom tone perfectly.

At present, real estates in Thailand such as luxurious condominiums and housing estates continually grow. Customers themselves also look for something various and different. Villeroy & Boch does not only provide customers with Hi-End sanitary ware, but also with products that fulfill the lifestyles of Thai people. For this reason, it is no doubt that Villeroy & Boch gains attention from various projects, ranging from the middle to the high, and keeps growing successfully and steadily among all groups of customers, especially luxurious condominium projects in the city and detached house projects where each house worth more than 50 million Baht.

This architect event is another way to strengthen Villeroy & Boch. We believe that this architect event is the largest event in Asian. Not only that it is an outstanding event, but it is also the only event that allows customers to have an exclusive experience with products and innovations as well as brings Thai building material market to the forefront of international attention.



This year is special for we have prepared new innovations from “ISH Fair”, the biggest bathroom innovation fair in Europe. These include:

  • FINION: Bathroom sanitary ware, starting from cabinets, washing basins, toilets and complete bath tub set. What singles this out of others is the fact that customers can arrange the bathroom as they desire, choosing color shades, LED light and bathroom size that best describe their personality.
  • INVISIBLE JET: JET tub system is different from the normal system in its design. With nozzles made invisible, the tub looks most elegant. Nozzles are automatically turned on and off as ordered.



Talking about the readiness of their exhibition area, Villeroy & Boch comes with the concept of “270 Years of Bathroom Innovation.” Their exhibition area is more an open space where movements of fresh air are induced. Customers there will be introduced to digital bathroom where they can remodel their own bathroom in various styles, visualizing their own design as well as learning how to make it at its best.

Lastly, we would like to welcome everyone to the largest architect event in Asean full of innovations and knowledge. Don’t miss a chance to visit Villeroy & Boch booth for we have prepared interesting sanitary things for visitors so they can uncover the reason behind our 270 years of strength and learn how, as a luxurious brand, our innovations can meet all demands in the market, always has been, always will be. Visit us at S408 Challenger Hall, Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, from May 1st– 6th, 2018.