THE UNION MOSAIC INDUSTRY PUBLIC CO., LTD. Color your design, reveal your lifestyle, fulfill your desire in architect’18

At present, ‘Signature Home Style’ becomes popular in this decorative material realm. This style of decoration does not only single each house from others, it also reflects one’s knowledge on decorative materials, how he can pick and choose the most suitable materials and maximize their capability. Most houses and condominiums are usually designed out of the owners’ preference and budget. Ceramics are one of the most outstanding materials, normally used both exterior and interior spaces.

Using ceramics to create cheerful environment is also worthy of consideration. THE UNION MOSAIC INDUSTRY PUBLIC CO., LTD. (UMI), therefore, decides to give importance to ceramics. UMI was founded in 1973 and was later registered in stock market in 1989. Manufacturing and selling tiles under the trademark “Duragres”, it had been widely known as a leader in Full Hi-Definition Printing Technology. In 2012, a phenomenon happened when Duragres and T.T.Ceramics Company Limited, the largest porcelain manufacturer, become one under the trademark “Cergres”

UMI’s Identity

For 45 of establishment, UMI has released products under these 2 brands:

Duragres: High-quality ceramic tiles which is durable and strong, various in sizes and reasonably priced. Manufactured under Digital Printing FHD Technology, Duragres tiles are no doubt realistically beautiful.

Cergres: Porcelain tiles, made by Thai people and met by world’s standard.  Manufactured under high temperature process, they are strong and durable and easy to care. They are also moisture and scratch resistant.

Pawarisa Penchat or Wanwan, Managing Director of THE UNION MOSAIC INDUSTRY PUBLIC CO., LTD. also shares her view on the current trends of tiles as decorative materials, “Last year, products from UMI were inspired by journeys to other countries such as Japan and Italy. We also gained positive feedback from this idea. This year, we would rather focus on how to create a style that was practical and able to describe the owner’s personality.  As a result, “Reflect Your Style”, a decorative style that was both beautiful in its style and went well with the owner’s lifestyle, was introduced. This kind of styles is somehow challenging for it must really meet the demand of each individual.


Views on the current trend of tiles

At present, designing ceramic tiles to fit different spaces becomes popular. Because of an increasing number of elders, more products exclusively designed for aging adults are created. UMI, well-aware of the ongoing situation, adds some features to the products, making them more suitable for this target group. Last year, for instance, UMI was the first to introduce the soft, yet ultra-adhesive tiles, best for both the old and the young.  We saw the opportunity in this senior and junior market segments and we received positive feedback from customers in Thailand, Japan and especially ASEAN countries.

Talking about fashion, UMI always takes note of what is trendy.  The tile collection which is to launch in Architect’18 is also influenced by the global trend. Since we consider tiles as a part of furniture, we decide to design the collection that goes well with the global wave.


Views on tile markets both in Thailand and ASEAN countries

Upon seeing the economy starting to recover, UMI thinks Thailand tile market will continue to grow at a consistent rate. This year, however, seems to be a better year for tile market. This is because properties as well as new projects start to expand, partly because of the government’s support. Tile markets in our neighboring countries, on the other hand, are at a rapid growth. More high-quality Thai products are imported to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Effect of Chinese market

We are barely affected. Although Chinese products are various in styles and prices and can be imported through many channels, they cannot beat us so easily because of our strength, “Product Quality”. The fact that we always keep our quality high is the reason behind our success.


Views on architecture

This architecture event can be considered an “Oscar” in the realm of building materials in South East Asia. This is because this kind of events is an opportunity for both national and international brands to reveal their innovative potential. UMI never misses a chance to participate in Architect for it is well-known and also widely accepted. Because of this event, each year, we were able to expand our target group, create brand awareness as well as increase brand’s credibility.


Beyond Ordinary: The extraordinary

First of all, I have to admit that this theme is really different from others in the past. To create an outstanding concept that went well with the theme, we had been through challenging time. Our exhibition area needed to be cool and calm, yet, with some extraordinary things hiding inside. However, one thing we would always keep in mind was the design friendly for all age segments. Our tiles must be suitable for the lives of the old but must also make the houses well-decorated.


Strategy, Vision, Product Launch

Architecture event is an event that can increase brand awareness as well as expand target groups. Moreover, this event also promotes brand and build brand image. Last year when UMI participated in Architect, we recorded information on general customers, property developers and Thai architectures. This data took us to a wider target group and more various sale channels.

This year, we plan to engage customers to our product launch, making them really become a part of our exhibition. Customers will be able to take a close look into our innovative tiles. Our consultants will also be available to clear up any doubt and give a demonstration of product installation. Celebrities will also join the exhibition, sharing their experience on UMI products.




We would like to invite everyone to architect’18, where the latest innovative ideas from many brands, either large or small, will be presented. You can enjoy products made with high technology without the need to fly to other countries. Since UMI will also launch new products of the year in this architect’18, we are waiting for you to join us, being a part of this phenomenon and having your horizon on future tile materials broadened.

For any who is interested in the products from THE UNION MOSAIC INDUSTRY PUBLIC CO., LTD., don’t be reluctant to participate in architect’18, in S305 Challenger Hall 1-3 Impact Muangthong Thani from May 1-6, 2018.