architect ’18 : Beyond Ordinary… Exhibitor briefing !!

The 32nd ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition, “architect ’18: Beyond Ordinary” will begin soon. TTF International Co., Ltd., the organizer, will host Exhibitor briefing with more than 800 exhibitors and contractors to attend this year, in order to provide more information on the overview and concept of exposition. The briefing includes the understanding of move-in,...
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architect ’18 marches out its PR campaign: BEE’S DAY 18

All “Bees” are cordially invited return to hive in BEE’S DAY 18, the event to welcome home King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) alumni and professors to join in with the current students. TTF International Company Limited, organizer of Architect Expo 2018, is bringing spectacles to a warm homecoming this year of KMITL old...
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WINDECOR CO., LTD. Ready to Launch in ARES, Innovative Roof in Architect Expo 2018

WINDECOR CO., LTD. , a mosquito net and outdoor-indoor shading devices manufacturer, has made several nets, hinges and awnings during their 20 years’ history. All are beautiful, yet convenient and practical, considered prestigious by customers both in Thailand and abroad. In this upcoming Architect Expo 2018, WINDECOR is to launch “ARES, sun protection roof which...
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LIXIL (THAILAND) PUBLIC CO., LTD. LINK to Good Living – LINK to Best architect ’18

Although designers (both interior and exterior) have various artistic tastes, they share one common trait; they see the importance of geographical-friendly designs. Users do not only look for something beautiful in its design, but also something suitable for their way of life. Next question is… What kind of interior design materials that really hits the...
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MPK Visnu To Present Highly-efficient Steel Door With Special Offers in Architect Expo 2018

MPK Visnu is well-prepared for this upcoming Architect Expo 2018, where they will present various highly-efficient steel doors, namely exterior steel doors that keep burglars out, fire-resistant doors that can stand up to 1000°C and household wooden doors MPK Visnu is a manufacturer and distributor of readymade steel doors under Triple Nine Door Brand. They...
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