SONITE INNOVATIVE SURFACES CO., LTD. (4D) Different Design Dimension – Driven to Architect Expo 2018

Upon the usage of decorative materials, “the principles of design” is always the starting point prior to creating any work of innovation. Principles of design determines the layout of idea, innovative sparks, function, budget blueprint, and scientific and artistic beauty.

However, there is another crucial factor to govern and support the principles of design to translate the unique identity clearly.

“Contrast of Material Identity” has become the champion factor. It helps to identify differences in work design. For instance, the physical properties of the selected materials to decorate architectural, sculptural, and artistic works that highlight mainly focus on shape & color, durability, and installment processes have been the sole emphasis of world-class designers. To stand for these principles of difference, SONITE INNOVATIVE SURFACES CO., LTD. has innovated design through mosaic tiles to meet such demand for creative beauty and function in terms of pattern identity, artistic dimension, and the identity in the strength of the materials used in all of its products.

SONITE INNOVATIVE SURFACES CO., LTD. or SONITE was founded in 2007, starting from exporting small, hand-made mosaic works abroad. With constant and continued interest by external parties to expand to larger scale, the company was put to a test of reinterpretation of meeting customers’ needs to further its business growth. This eventually led to a subject of keeping high and steady standard to be delivered externally.

All SONITE products pass American Standard Testing Method qualifications, as the United States emphasizes product quality along with the technology and equipment used to test the products. Mr. Nitiphan Darakananda, born and raised in the States, understands this core needs of the market.

Ms. Praiphan Wisetjinda, Business Development Manager of SONITE, has shared the following regarding the future projections:

Global Trend of decorative tiles demand

  • At present, large portion of customers demand realistic presentation of the tiles products over colorful ones preferred by the older generation. Modern consumers beg for something light-weight, durable, and long-lasting with nature-like appearances. However, there is a difference between taste in Asia and America. While Americans love Earth-tone shades, Asians will prefer livelier, colorful choices.

Perspective towards Architect Expo 2018

  • It is a sole hope to exhibit locally in Thailand for SONITE. The company aims to make continuous contribution to such prominent annual event, determined by its large scale with high potential readiness to support exhibitors and businesses. The expo also brings to life the target customers within Asia regions. In addition, the company would like to draw in international designers to ensure the event’s true internationalized look, feel, and involvement.

Preparation for Beyond Ordinary

  • “Beyond Ordinary” is rather a wide subject. It can be understood through dissecting the “Beyond Ordinary” part as to which is beyond ordinary. For example, it could be to schedule in a prominent speaker on the subject or ensuring a contemporary zoning of the exhibition. SONITE aims to shed its old skin to make sure everything is beyond customers’ expectation.

Last year, it promoted giant door as the main presentation which turned out to be very successful. This year, all has been prepared to 100% to showcase the extraordinary to the mass.

SONITE regularly participates in charity activities with Anantara Hotel. The company annually couples each of their innovation with artistic designer groups, each with unique perspective and character. As of latest, SONITE created the “Christmas Tree in Art” with Ms. Elizabeth, which affirms the Innovative Surfaces products that not only offer beauty in sculpture scope, but also further use and application in the future.

Strategy and Expectations

  • It is a given to expect old and new clients to take interest. New clients are especially what SONITE expect of in trusting regard of Architect Expo 2018. With the event’s strong marketing strategy and vision, the company hopes at aiming high to tap the market. It is likely that some of the client companies will separate existing clients from old clients. It pushes toward AEC market further to expand client pool.

Eco Friendly Products

  • SONITE featured a specific group of green products (Eco Friendly) which uses natural rice grain casing combined with new technology, resulting in a variety of innovative decorative surface materials. The products include mosaic, tiles, artificial stone, etc. Not only that it helps to make use of leftover scraps, the products also offer more sense of nature to customers than using chemical-based products.

Innovation Products

Traditional mosaic tiles are made in square shape. SONITE offers more than just squares and can be artistically and freely manipulated to fit wider range of art projects that require more delicate touch. With modern technology possessed by SONITE, product patterns can be fabricated to be more complex i.e. Thai art patterns, and rendered each product unique. Furthermore, designers may choose a combination of colors and surfaces to create unique end-work of their own.


Pattern: Escher

Material: Trochus (11S)   – 707 Real Teal

– 708 Moonlight Blue

– 709 Blue Shadow


Pattern: Ishtar

Material: Trochus Lava (1LS) – 904 Pewter

Trochus (11S) – 907 Tuffet


Pattern: Bamboo M

Material: Metallic (20S) – 800 Rich Gold


Pattern: Bespoke

Material: Mixed material & Colors


Welcome to Architect Expo 2018

  • SONITE has constantly contributed to analyzing, strategizing, and doing its necessary homework to deliver quality results each year. The company has high hopes of bringing in exciting innovative creations for all to see and experience. For this year’s exhibition, the company has made adjustment to the exhibition space along with decorative and artistic sculptures to highlight the uniqueness of the available products.
  • For those interested in SONITE, you are welcome to Architect Expo 2018, at exhibition space number S219, Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, May 1-6, 2018.