Singha Mortar. The Stronger Mortar

Innovative cement mortar manufacturer “Singha Mortar” originally started from a company named Whiteclould Company Limited registered in 1996 by a group of people whose the sole determination was to make Whitecloud the leading company, widely known as a high quality mortar manufacturer, owning an internationally accepted standard. For this reason, hearts and effort had been dedicated on researches and experiments that promised the better, more efficient products.

Whitecloud has 2 manufacturing lines, one is to produce products for other brands, also known as OEM, while another is to produce products for their own brand, “Singha Mortar.” Talking about Whitecloud’s production capacity, they can deliver up to 480,000 tons of mortar per year, ensuring enough volume to fulfill customers’ demands, both in Thailand and in neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

Let’s get to know Singha Cement Mortar a bit better

“Singha Mortar” is composed of Portland cement type 1 certified by Thai Industrial Standard 15-2555 (2012). Sand is carefully selected, only the appropriated size of sand is dried and mixed with particular chemical components, resulting in a special formula exclusively owned by “Singha Mortar.” Singha’s mortar has considerably higher water absorption values and adhesive ability. Moreover, it is smooth, strong and durable, suitable for both interior and exterior uses. With various kinds of mortar offered, all kinds of construction, either laying, white-washing, layering, tiling or skim-coating, are all covered.

Talking about innovative cement mortar, we aim to create innovative cement that is fresh. Our creation will make lifestyles more convenient and go well with South East Asia weather patterns. On top of that, it must be Eco-friendly construction. Houses built with our materials will have cool air ventilating inside and therefore lower electric bills.

Cement mortar market in Thailand and building material market in ASEAN countries have had a stable growth. Our products are regularly exported to our neighboring countries, including Maldive, our new target market that has a positive future. Because our sale channels are expanding in a stable pace and more and more positive feedback is received, we are now planning to expand our market to Europe.


Views on Architect event

We think this architect event is a very grand exhibition where interesting innovations in building materials will be presented. Many companies, including ours, have prepared the best innovations for the exposition, corresponding with this year’s theme, ‘Extraordinary.’ Fresh and innovative products will be gathered in this event for new generations to see. We hope that by participating in this architect event (for the first time), it will make customers know us better as a cement mortar manufacturer that sells innovative products, of which quality guaranteed by 20 years of experience in building materials. They will know that although our brand can be unfamiliar to their ears, our background in the field is unbeatable.


Innovative cement mortar from “Singha Mortar”

Quality and freshness are the key in cement mortar manufacturing. “Singha Mortar” pays attention to every detail in the production process to ensure that the strongest mortar will be produced. Even the very first process like raw material selection is not left unwatched. Moreover, under the determination to deliver the strongest and the freshest cement mortar to every customer, any newly-made mortar is instantly delivered to customers right away.

Whitewashing lightweight concrete block

 SP03P Cement mortar for concrete block whitewashing, Premium formula, Flexible, Nanotechnology, 40 g. in weight

Suitable for all kinds of lightweight concrete block whitewashing that seek premium quality, certified by Thailand Industrial Standard 2735-2559 (2016)


– Made from Portland cement type 1, certified by Thailand Industrial Standard 1-2555 (2012)

– Flexible Nano Technology ensures high adhesive ability, reducing cracked walls

–  Add chemical components that prevent heat



ST02 High quality cement glue for tiling, 20 g. in weight

Suitable for no less than 60×60 cm tiles. Various kinds of tiles are laid for selective customers, namely ceramic, baked clay, granito, marble, granite and natural stone tiles. It is also appropriate for pool-tiling as well.



–  Made from Portland cement type 1, certified by Thailand Industrial Standard 1-2555 (2012)

–  Suitable for pool-tiling, water-pressure resistant

–  Facilitate tiling process

–  The design of tiles can be modified for 15 minutes

–  Suitable for both floor and wall, inside and outside

–   Surfaces can be used again in a day after tiling

Although Singha Mortar is a new cement mortar manufacturer in Thai building material market, its more than 20 year-experience in this circle makes it no less intimidating than other brands.  If you are going to join Architect’18, do not miss a chance to give Singha Mortar a visit. We have prepared for our visitors innovative cement mortar made with modern technology. Just stop by at our booth and you will bring back with you the better understanding towards each product of us. Come see us at D206 held in Challenger Hall, 1-3 Impact Muangthong Thani from May 1st-6th, 2018.