Ordinary to Extra Ordinary in architect ’18

          It has been 7 years for O2E Supply, an importer and distributor of artificial flooring, natural flooring, and ready-made flooring products. The company is an expert in decorative architectural materials for interior and exterior use. It also features surface materials for multi-purpose use i.e. living space, condominium, office space, and government building. O2E has selected quality products as well as given installation service with professional technical teams to ensure maximal quality products and end-result to be shared with customers.

          In the beginning, O2E Supply started its business from importing laminated and general flooring products for local distribution in Thailand. With enough momentum, the company added more products to its ranks, penetrating Hi-End market of B+ grade with innovation-driven products. ‘Cork flooring’ and ‘Hybrid Engineer’ (or Quick Step).

          Mr.Waranyu Jinda, Managing Director of O2E Supply shared his view of the company products and the prospects of the upcoming exposition,

          “The Cork wood and Hybrid Engineer products are both made from natural wood under the Green Product category which is widely popular among European and Asians. We see to the future trend of flooring materials market. It will be the one that is more eco-friendly than today,” said Mr. Waranyu.

          “It is observed in any project that stress Green Building characteristics. The use of décor materials or even some structural parts must not utilize products that are harmful to nature. Apart from being “Green”, product properties should be able to meet health objective of the people who will be the end-user. In the past, most people would believe that Cork wood is only good for making wine bottle sealer and could not be adapted for other use. However, it is physically different from other woods. Coming from Portugal, Cork wood is very flexible, able to absorb tremendous amount of pressure while returning to its original shape after being pressed. The surface of the wood is also coated to offer scratch-resistant properties preventing it from being damaged amidst use”.

          “Shorty after last year’s Cork wood product launch and several customer groups have applied the product to their projects, the demand was forecast to be higher. Designers as well as developers have poured attention to the product in terms of quality, properties, the product itself, and the affordable price. Furthermore, “Cork flooring” is among innovative products aimed at elderly population of this new generation. The product helps to keep the temperature of human feet to be warm throughout the day living inside their building with this flooring installed.”

          “For the Artchitect ’18 exposition, we see the ‘Beyond Ordinary’ theme to align with O2E Supply’s slogan of ‘Ordinary to Extra Ordinary’. This is because our products present the newness of innovation and the expo certainly allows a platform for suppliers to exhibit these new creations to the construction materials market and the public. This year, we will bring all to the exhibition under the concept ‘Sit & Relax’ which aims to involve all visitors to personally take part in feeling the products first-hand. We will make sure that people enjoy themselves with our activities.”

Product Highlight
1. Cork wooden flooring – An innovative product made from real wood, made and imported from Portugal. It is among the many Green Product which offers beauty to the eyes and gentle touch to the feet. The product absorbs impact, has shape-memory qualities, and keeps warm feet temperature, ideal for elderly use.
2. Hybrid Engineer Flooring (Quick Step) – A substitute of Engineer Wood manufactured and imported from Belgium. The product covers for the limitation of wood properties and fulfills a certain applications. It comes with endurance, scratch-resistant, and resilience to water flooding properties. It is guaranteed to withstand over 24 hours of a flood situation.

          Mr. Waranyu concludes, “Finally, we would like to invite designers, real estate developers, and general customers to visit our booth at the Architect ’18. We bring along innovation and beauty to the public and hope that visitors benefit from our share of knowledge as well as experiencing new things altogether. We have also prepared interesting activities to welcome everyone.”

          Visitors may visit O2E Supply at F101 booth Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Arera, Muangthong Thani, between 1-6 May 2018