Approaching the 19th year of Makkasan Stainless Steel Limited, the distributor of 100% stainless kitchenware and kitchen accessories is stepping up to the arena of competition this year.

The beginning of the company had been the standpoint of wanting to solve all kitchenware problems, especially the ones that do not meet the needs of end-users. The first gadget to have ever been fabricated by the company was a cooker hood under the brand ‘Hooth’. It received positive just as much as other kitchen appliances i.e. gas burner set, deep sink counter, and as of latest the stainless kitchen set that is considered popular by purchasers with significantly high demand in Thai market.

As the number one leader in stainless kitchenware, Makkasan Stainless Steel Limited focuses much on quality. The company pays attention to the materials used for making the products as well as distinct designs to best suit specific usage. The strategy of stepping up the ladder, meaning not aiming at being extra fabulous but rather stressing on users’ applications, helps the company to be more well-received by customers. This strategy generates user satisfaction and the passing on of word-of-mouth. It works well as credibility amplifier.

The great feedback allows Hooth to continue its growth rate in sales even today, starting from 2005. The year marks the first factory extension at Samutsakorn province and the first opened showroom in Bangkok on the New Petchburi road. By 2012, 3-storey showroom in Bangkae was added with the design to showcase real kitchen with various fully-equipped kitchenware. As of late in 2013, the phase 2 factory extension to allow doubling production capacity housed the newly improved production machinery, making the designs to be more beautiful, delicate, and complete with higher quality than before.

Every Hooth product derive from carefully thought processes that came from ‘FINISHING’ or complete production method. It reduces welding work (which requires individual mechanic’s specialty and jeopardizes stable quality) as well as helps to find harmony between function and design.

For 2018, the company aims for the designs to be multi-function. Observing from modern day users, it is discovered that most tend to use kitchen to serve as a guestroom. The activities of joint cooking or even private drinking prompted the company to design its stainless shelves to be installed in a living room to allow multiple functions that serve users immediately. Such stainless shelves products are to be showcased in Architect ’18.



A home kitchen set made from high quality stainless steel which passed through quality and beauty enhancing processes to ensure the harmony between “function and design”. This became the uniqueness of Hooth that answers all kitchen functions all the way through their area usage.

  1. HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL – Made from high quality stainless steel, reducing moisture and decomposition of the surface which may cause deep collection of unclean substance.
  2. WELL FUNCTION – Answering all kitchen work, focusing on complete kitchen function, and fulfilling every lifestyle.
  3. UNIQUE DESIGN – Standout, beautiful, and unique, suitable for both modern and contemporary works.
  4. VALUABLE – Durable, valuable, and strong to permit lengthened usage.
  5. EASY MAINTENANCE – Only selected high quality stainless steel in each production, making every Hooth product easy to maintain and look after.
  6. CUSTOMER SERVICE – Emphasize on aftersales service with all its heart.
  • Home kitchen set comes in various designs to choose from i.e. Stainless steel counter top series, Stainless steel counter top series with wooden surface mount, and Concrete counter top series with stainless surface mount.
  • Sink counter designed to be extra deep to be suitable for various functions along with separating the wet area from other surface tops.
  • Cooker hood made with unique identity and high efficiency in sucking up odor, smoke, and oil vapor quickly and completely.
  • Gas stove with fast-heating capabilities, made from high quality stainless steel which are shock and heat absorbent.


ruf AUTOMATIC AWNING one of the newest brands of Makkasan to fulfill the value, making any home to be more than it used to be with beautiful modern style and meeting all needs.

  • Automatic Awning – Automatic awning controlled with a remote controller. Able to be folded whenever there is a need for light. The product comes with modern design, is tailor-made to befit the architecture, increases exterior space, helps to decrease interior temperature to reduce electricity usage by air conditioning unit in each household.
  • Manual Awning – Hand-rolled awning with equal capacity as its automatic counterpart. It is simple in mechanism for use and easy to maintain in the long run.
  • Vertical Awning Roller System – A straight up, vertical awning suitable for open-air use. It is able to stand again wind and sunshine as well as protect in-door furniture from rain.
  • Sky Light – Automatic roof made for open and close at any time the user wishes. With its automatic control function with flexibility, the product is used to protect from sunlight and heat directed at any glass roof structures.

The company believes that Architect ’18 is an exposition to showcase the best of construction materials in Thailand. It is an event which supports the most basic knowledge of construction materials use to the most updated news there is in the industry. ‘Hooth’ has made its way into such arena. The company hopes that ‘Hooth’ will make a lasting impression to all customers that it derives from ruf materials and how much it involves in contribution to the end-result work shown in the form of a product. All customers are welcome to join in.

Meet Hooth at Architect ’18 at S506 booth at Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Arera, Muangthong Thani, between 1-6 May 2018.