Lighting & Equipment Public Company Limited: Innovate lighting innovation, inspire through design, ready for Architect Expo 2018


Light is most important to human beings. It provides visibility to enable various actions as well as setting a certain mood or atmosphere. Lamps and light bulbs, hence, have become an integral part of our everyday lives.

At present, lighting technology has evolved rapidly. LED-based products have almost completely replaced old-fashioned light bulbs that have been used for generations. LED offers more lasting lifespan while reducing more than 50% in power consumption when compared with traditional bulbs. In Thailand, one of the famous brands to live with Thai people for over 24 years is Lighting & Equipment or L&E, a lighting expert who goes with the flow of ever-shifting lighting development and innovations. The company vows to manufacture quality products that care for home users as well as architectural designers who strive for both art and function.

Lighting & Equipment Public Company Limited assumes the business of full-scale electrical and lighting products innovation. It utilizes R&D team under ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities. Apart from distribution, the company offers consultancy in adaptive lighting system to best suit each unique work project. It also services clients with lighting system renting option to include a variety of needs based on the clients themselves.

Mr. Anak Sueyingkarn, L&E Business Development Director, shared a perspective on the interior exhibition, “We want to bring forth L&E’s image and potential as a lighting market leader with complete product coverage, able to meet the demand from all types of customers. Apart from our products, we put our focus on solution and usage. We provide our clients with teams of lighting designers and lighting engineers who specialize in their fields to offer in-depth consultancy. We will showcase the new product for 2018 launch called Signature Product which is under the Architectural Lighting category, targeting mostly designers. They product comes with simplicity, beauty, modern, and quality attributes. There are lamps for both interior and exterior use. Among others are interesting products such as decorative lighting and effect lighting.

From an architectural standpoint…?

  • This clearly answers our needs. Our target customers including designers and home users all reflect such positive feedback from using our products. We are efficiently ready with the exhibition space to showcase new-era technology and innovation from mid-to-nationwide brands. As mentioned before, L&E will share its new Signature Product which specifically targets designers.

Exhibition space presentation…?

  • We set up our booths with the concept of Modern & Minimal. It is modernized and simple using geometric shapes to highlight the overall booth vibes and cleverly prioritize the space to draw people in like an adventure trip to any museum. The booth will also attract passer-bys to take small peeks into what’s being displayed. The booth uses simple, white color as background to feature the lamps and light clearly as the main show.

INNOVATIVE HILIGHT for architect ’18

  • LUNAR, the newest electronic downlight from L&E. With its Hybrid System innovation to infuse lens and internal light reflection, the product offers a warm light output with diluted density. It comes with low-temperature and electricity-efficient properties, along with selectable black and white frames for designing use to adapt to needed projects.
    • LUNAR downlight is available for purchase in the range of 10 – 15 watts with 15º, 24º, 36º, and 60º adjustable angles for small-to-large size home and enterprise needs.


  • FARS Outdoor lighting / Modern design coupling with optimal application for usage, this technologically advanced “RGBW FARS” is designed to be simplistic, portable, and color-adapting to imitate warm light source by using LED. FARS offers wide illumination with continuous light dispersement over hours, suitable for public, shopping mall, sport stadium, tall building, general and large architectural uses.

  • Signature Product – An Architectural lighting group of products designed for designer use, aimed at quality, simplistic form, modernized to fit designing works, and lighting properties to enhance architectural surroundings well. Signature Product is presented in its unique series. Each series comes with a variety of lamps to choose from, making it practical to select a set of series to be utilized in a certain project that requires synchronized theme. The products also come in various voltages, light angles, color temperatures, and color variations. Signature Product answers both interior and exterior needs. Interior products include downlight, track light, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, floating lamp, and hanging lamp, all come in basic geometric shapes. Exterior products include wall lamp and field lamp, available in short and long stands.

  • Decorative Lighting – Designed specifically for specific projects, this L&E original products have been tailored for hotels and restaurants. They come in various shapes and material used such as die-cut acrylic, metal pipe, natural woven materials, etc.

Effect Lighting – Another product group of L&E made for either temporary or permanent installment. These are lamps with illumination effects such as Gobo Projector which can project picture and graphic art.

L&E exhibits in Architect Expo 2018 at S301(L45) booth in the sanitary ware section, Challenger Hall 1-3 Impact, Muang Thong Thani. The event will be set during 1-6 May, 2018.