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As eras passed, architectural popularity and trend in reference to nature has often been called upon and sought after. The ‘Reunion’ or the revival of trends every 10 years often plays a vital part for architects who put interest in decorative designs, both interior and exterior.

In referencing to nature and figuring a way to design an architecture in such manner, as well as adding in meeting the modern needs of design, procreating options to vary in terms of materials is as important as mainstream reference. Moreover, the way to realize all that while possessing a sound marketing strategy is something of an inevitable strive to be called an expert. LEOWOOD holds the answer.

LEOWOOD steps up to be a strong alternative when it comes to decorative materials in Thailand. The company stands firm as a leader in manufacturing, importing, and distributing wooden flooring, doors, and stairs of all types. Under the vision of executives who focus on “quality”, the company’s business style and processes are reflected upon its extra high-quality wood products that are groomed by modern German technology. This is to uplift the trust in the product quality to be eco-friendly as well as the woodwork installment service and aftersales service of highest professionalism to cover all needs of the customers.


LEOWOOD products are prestigious in Thai architectural materials market. The products are as follow…

  • Real wood flooring, laminate flooring, ready-made SPC (waterproof and anti-termite) flooring, wooden ladder, wooden door and jamb, dampness-enduring wooden vinyl flooring, and artificial grass. The company offers installation services for laminate flooring, pre-colored wooden flooring, doors, stairs, as well as woodwork polishing.

In all special occasions of Architect ’18 this year, Mr. Samanchai Atipanaumpai, CEO of LEOWOOD, has expressed several points of view…


Construction material trends in global market

  • 2 key points before anything; one is natural group of products made from natural materials and the other is the group of products made from substitutional materials. The first group, the natural products, has grown far in development both through technology and design. This resulted in new-gen natural products to be more ready-made than before with high capabilities, less installment time, and mixed functionality for multiple use. Unlike old times, wooden products required unnecessarily longer installation time including specific assembly or polishing.


The second group, the substitute materials, holds quite a merit to mention. At present, general products or the ones that are categorized Petroleum Based Products have played a significant role and scooped up a large portion of the market share. Plastic is used to replace wood products thus forcing them to adapt to stay in the game. We also see it similarly and acknowledge the market needs to change especially in terms of product visuals to exhibit more beauty than past products.


Perspective towards Architect ’18

For LEOWOOD, Architect ’18 is considered one of the greatest expos of Thailand. It is an icon of this trait, a gathering where architects, suppliers, developers, and end-users have their eyes on. Each year we see large and small exhibitors coming in with parades of new innovation. It is clear to note a major change of seeing more and more leading brands of China and Europe joining the exposition to compete with existing players.


We are ready in 3 separate categories…

  1. Construction Material – We realize that wood products can become any expected thing upon thinking about it. LEOWOOD adapts a portion of its wood products to only jambs and doors. LEOWOOD adds in more value of decoration to be more ready-made while keeping design distinction and retaining true core of nature. This is to satisfy our customer needs in terms of quality and personal taste.
  2. Exhibition Progress of Architect ’18 – This year we deliver 2 main points:
    • Present innovation through wood products to meet modern user needs, focused on ready-made properties.
    • Open online distribution channels as main focus in order to thoroughly spread out news and updated products.
  3. Build trust in LEOWOOD – With our marketing communications and key words, everything we select have been carefully crystallized. Our customers can put their full trust in quality and product utilities to deliver the most optimized output in all ways.


Product type: Door

Name/Model: iDoor (new)

Product properties: iDoor is the newest wooden door product from LEOWOOD. Made from Digital UV Inkjet technique to print delicate patterns into wooden door surface, iDoor is ideal for exterior use. Its inner structure is made from real wood, made from LVL technique which integrates anti-termite chemical substance (CCA – H3 level). The product is reinforced with full particleboard. The surface material is HPL sheet which is highly durable.

Welcoming to Architect ’18

  • We would like to welcome all to see new products of LEOWOOD at the Architect ’18 this year. We are a growing company of over 10 years in expertise so we understand both the products and their application to target groups. The company aims to deliver new innovations to meet the demands of all use and we have added more reach to our customers through online channel to increase service speed and efficiency.


Meet LEOWOOD at Architect ’18 at F401 booth at furniture, wood, and laminate zone at Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Arera, Muangthong Thani, between 1-6 May 2018