LANDY HOME (THAILAND) CO., LTD. No.1 Homebuilding Center with complete home construction service

LANDY HOME (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is a complete home construction company, the homebuilding center that is founded and operated by Mr. Pichet Maneerattanaporn since August 31, 1988 under the slogan “No.1 Homebuilding Center of Thailand”. With its delivery of thousands of home designs under solid business foothold of 200 million baht of registered capital, the company runs its business with the policy of high attention to every detail, focusing on efficiency and maximal satisfaction of the customers.

LANDY HOME (THAILAND) CO., LTD. has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 from UNITED KINGDOM ACCREDITATION SERVICE (UKAS) institute, England (the first certified homebuilding company in Thailand) with further milestone of granted ISO 9001:2008 at present to bolster confidence.

The company realizes major problems that come with home construction, especially the ones on quality issue. To meet the demand for beautiful houses of the dream while in synchronicity with high quality, LANDY HOME came up with home construction innovation called “NOVA SYSTEM” which offers Semi-Automatic Building System to deliver superior result than traditional mold. The new system consists of the following special properties:

NOVA SYSTEM is a Semi-Automatic Building System which processes by bringing ready-made construction materials casted from standard factory to assemble on-site using MULTI JOINT LOCK.  NOVA SYSTEM features the following:

  • Standardized factory reinforced concrete output with f’c measurement over 350 ksc which is higher than normal concrete.
  • Easy to make quality checks due to the use of exterior steel.
  • Metal joint can withstand high vibration and possesses higher flexibility.
  • Steel joints possess high flexibility.
  • Use of prestressed concrete wire that can withstand 4 times the normal pull force. This allows smaller beam surface to be adapted.
  • Clean and orderly on-site solution.

Moreover, LANDY HOME (THAILAND) CO., LTD. offers new innovative home construction products to meet variety needs of customers, namely:

CP DESIGN – a roach-free home solution

  • Home innovation that truly brings almost 100% cockroach-free home environment to Thai people. It utilizes smart sanitary system which offers maximum protection, economical maintenance, and zero-chemical use to rid homes of roaches.



  • Customization for standard ready-made design or create a brand new home from pure imagination with realistic designs coupling support and consultancy of experienced architect and engineers.



  • LANDY HOME puts importance of bathroom design for elderly members of any household. The company focuses on selecting the materials and sanitary ware that meet the needs of the elderly from the level of minimal health requirement to serious disabilities using wheel chair as means to move around the house. The function designs emphasize on reducing accidents along with meeting daily living comfort.

Ms. Patra Maneerattanaporn, or Khun Noon (Director of Marketing and Product Design), has shared her perspective together with presentation of new ideas to match with the “Beyond Ordinary” theme of architect ’18:

Current needs for Thai home construction business

  • For the past year, LANDY HOME passed the par with extremely high growth rate. It is witnessed that high-end customers have increased in numbers over the years, which may have been the result of generation-to-generation handover of the business. This factor boosted the focus on architectural system and value optimization. When I come in to supervise the business personally, I added more on design to look more modernized, emphasizing beauty and expanded function than the past designs. The aim is to interpret the new designs from actual living experience in a home to cover a range of the actual functions needed to make it complete. All in all, the perspective is simply to fuse together the positive attributes of both old and new generation.


Importance of new-gen elderly

  • Today’s Thai population is heading for a society of elderly care trend. It is something we must emphasize. LANDY HOME also follows this crucial trend and keeps the products up-to-date. Recently, every home design of LANDY HOME is subject to add Landy Eldercare Solution function which takes into consideration home living usage by elderly members such as ground floor bedroom for elderly and customized restroom, all ready served with no further need for post-installation after moving in.


Architectural perspective

  • Both LANDY HOME and I see architecture work to be something of material reach, allowing us to touch and exchange, to open our eyes to other companies’ innovations, and to converse with customers. The fact that we are part of architect ’18 helps us to bolster our image and the company’s prestige altogether because all of the companies involved in this exposition are selected from leading construction firms across the country. Additionally, this will be a definite channel to open up to new groups of customers and clients.



  • In the meantime, we are fully prepared for architect ’18. We are ready in terms of creating exhibition space in the exposition as well as the presentation. This year, we will highlight the Landy Luxury theme with new designs of large homes (800-900 sq.m. and above), with beauty style, efficient creativity concept, and added innovation for future home functions. This is to meet the living needs of every generation.


  • Apart from the featured Semi-Automatic Building System like Nova System, LANDY HOME continues to develop new innovations to ensure safety and comfortable happy living experience of home residents. The newest from LANDY HOME is Landy Home Cooling, a refreshing, cool design using high quality materials to help ventilate heat while effectively protecting the home from sunlight.


Living space: 860 sq.m.

Estate size: 38×36 m.

Home section: 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 4-car garage


Living space: 1,287 sq.m.

Estate size: 39×40 m.

Home section: 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 4-car garage


Welcoming to architect ‘18

  • I would like to invite all to see and experience the “Beyond Ordinary” notion from LANDY HOME in the architect ’18 this year. We will be bringing in new concepts and presentations to exhibit to the mass. Any participants interested in the newest home construction innovation from LANDY HOME can meet us at booth H502, Home Builder zone, Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT ARENA, Muang Thong Thani between 1-6 May, 2018.