KENZAI Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles – The Timeless Beauty



More than 35 years of experiences, KENZAI Ceramic Industry Co., Ltd. or KENZAI intends to develop natural look and durable product to satisfy the needs of our consumers which include commercial, residential and government projects. All Kenzai products are certified with quality by ASTM from USA and EN87 from Italy.

KENZAI provides interior and exterior floor and wall tiles including pool tiles. Our previous jobs guarantee our great success. We are chosen by our customers who trust in KENZAI like Sansiri, Land&House, AP, Nong Nuch garden, King Power, BTS Skytrain station, Sukhumvit hostpital, etc.



Growing from the past until now, KENZAI has always mainly emphasize on product quality by building our existence and point of view of being high quality ceramic tiles brand. Our tiles are easily cleaned, durable, non- fungi, low absorbability, and unique natural color. Moreover, KENZAI exports our products worldwide more than 20 countries with 1,000,000 m2 of annual production base capacity.

In ASEAN construction material market, purchasing power slightly grows every year as the modern global society is now opened worldwide. Neighboring countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia or even Laos are currently interested and searching for Thai design and decoration information. Therefore, purchasing and marketing channel of construction material have better growth during a past few years.

Talking about trend or popularity of tile industry, KENZAI’s opinion is that especially in Thailand at the moment, something that is not only modern but also easy without too much texture is required by most people. Thus, black, gray and white are the most popular and wanted colors in the rank.




We have created product development projects due to KENZAI’s 35th Anniversary in this year.

  1. Tiles designed by KENZAI together with a well-known architect, Jun Sekino provides beautiful image with functions. It was designed by the concept of modern tile innovation to be more than general decorating accessories in houses or public buildings.
  2. Energy saving tiles is the product developed with Magnolia Company – full-scale property development business under the concept of “think and create for human sustainability” by considering the value of the best development for human (It is a full-year research waiting to launch in Architect’18.) It is more heat resistant and contains function for cooling houses more than typical tiles leading to double less electricity consumption.



Besides from both types of tiles which will be launched in Architect’18, KENZAI never ignores elderly people with innovation of designing tiles to meet the elder’s demands. We design anti-slip surface tiles, tiles for handicapped, tiles that can prevent fungi and reduce bacteria accumulation on the surface.

KENZAI has readily and perfectly prepared to join Architect’18 as this expo is tended and attached the greatest importance by us among all exhibitions in Thailand. Architect expo is where we can meet, talk and present our new innovations to customers like typical customers, real estate developers, and designers. In this year, KENZAI tends to create more modern booth by designing home-like atmosphere and showing our floor and wall tile decoration innovation including garden tiles decoration.

As it is KENZAI’s 35th anniversary, we make it more special than other years. We have arranged to present our various series of tiles innovation in the expo which we would like to invite all of you to visit us, to see in which direction we have changed and which products fit to which decoration styles. You are very welcome to meet us at S212 exhibition area in Architect’18, Challenger hall 1-3 during May 1-6, 2018.

Don’t miss it or regret it!!