J.C.C. – Ready to Gain New Customers, Introduces OLFA, Lifestyle Brand for New Gen Architect in Architect Expo ’18


J.C.C. Limited Partnership, one of stationery and office supplies importers, is to introduce OLFA, a high-quality lifestyle brand from Japan to fulfill a broader range of customers. They will also present Silky, good quality multi-purpose pocket knife in this upcoming Architect Expo ’18

It’s been more than three decades that J.C.C. Limited Partnership has imported and distributed stationery, office supplies and hardware from Japan. However, it’s just the end of this year that the company seems to focus more on lifestyle products, which usually attract young adults who yearn for something multi-functional. Most of the brands imported by J.C.C. are high in quality and also durable. These include Zebra, a pen brand, Carl, office supply brand and OLFA, another new outstanding brand.

OLFA is a brand that offers a wide range of office supplies for multiple uses, either for crafts, gardening, or even cooking. One of the most popular products is the OLFA cutter, which has a strong and durable blade.



Ms. Thakadkaew Kwangpetoon, J.C.C. Limited Partnership Assistant Managing Director, said “For 5 years, we have been looking for a lifestyle brand that would fulfill the demands from all groups of customers. We’re quite certain that OLFA is the answer. Some products of this brand will also be presented in Architect Expo ’18, along with Silky, a multi purpose pocket knife which comes in various sizes, to be used either in landscaping or gardening. It is high in quality, durable and a rare find.”

Ms. Thakadkaew also revealed that “We’d never known there would be many customers interested in our products until we participated in Architect Expo ’17. We met many target customers, ranging from architects, business owners, students and even housewives who use our products in their kitchen. I can say that we received positive feedback from them. By participating in this event, I think we get to know more about our customers and their demands, which will be really useful for our future marketing plan.”

Further from launching quality products, J.C.C. will also offer up to 15% discount, giveaways and other rewards.

Architect Expo ’18 is open for public participants during May 1-6, 2018 at Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact, Muang Thong Thani.