Häfele : More Than Delivery Services


Häfele (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of the Häfele Holding GmbH, which was established in 1994 to support the market growth of furniture fittings. Häfele is the providing center of hardware, furniture fittings, home appliances, kitchen and sanitary fittings with German standard for the variety requirements of all our customers. We set the main focus of the quality improvement and development in every aspect of our business operation and products to provide the most satisfaction to our customers in order to follow the concept of “More Than Delivery Services”. Moreover, Häfele (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has also received ISO 9001:2000 and ISO9001:2015 certificates in the latest year.

Häfele philosophy is inspired by Adolf Häfele (company founder) and holds to the principle of being close to our customers so that we can better understand their needs resulting more precisely analyze framework conditions and more quickly identify improvement opportunities. To date and due to the driven force of these concepts, this approach has resulted in all Häfele products to response every target’s demand and specific usability with modern innovation which perfectly suits designs and leading technology.

Ms. Jeerawan Ampaiwan, Marketing Manager of Häfele (Thailand) Co. Ltd. gives an honor to be interviewed and introduces Häfele (Thailand) Co. Ltd. business policy as following:


– Complete Building Solution      This force mostly and clearly verifies Häfele entity.  We try to always think forward about how to add value to our existing products to alliances, common customers, architects, and developers so that the products will be developed, value added and satisfactorily beautiful. Moreover, we are also taking the creation of product innovation to reduce labor or equipment cost in production factory into account to mostly satisfy the demand.



– Häfele tries to create modern innovative products by looking into overall current problems of residential area. When deeply considered and understood urban life styles, it was found that “residential area” especially in big cities is more expensive. On the other hand, what the buyers get is smaller area (in m2) contrasting with the actual paid price. For example, one room in condominium with limited space, interior furniture is designed to specifically facilitates. The resident is not able to modify much. Häfele therefore brought up and interpreted this matter and designed the product that can solve this problem. Smart Space, one of product innovative designs to directly response this demand, came out as a result by using modified digital technology to command interior furniture through only one smartphone/mobile phone control system such as sectional garage door system, automatic system desk, automatic sanitary fittings, smart mirror which can get rid of fog and turn on-off the music and smart lighting system installed in the elder’s bedroom.



– Architect expo is the great and well-known event in Thailand and ASEAN. Entrepreneurs are able to join product exhibition, present conceptual potential, identity and creativity. Main objective is to let the expo visitors such as business alliances, ASEAN customer and general public see the innovative originality of presentation whether this product suits with which types of usability or which innovation suits with household usability. Moreover, this is the exhibition fair showing Modern, Eco Friendly and Elder Care Solution global trends.



– Due to the extraordinary concept in this year, we actually think that this is a very hard job especially in making presentation. We, entrepreneur still have to plan and assign ourselves some homework to examine which products is suitable and mostly able to positioned corresponding to this extraordinary concept. As we are a hardware technology and furniture fittings business leader in Thailand, we are getting ready to present our products in this expo.

Smart Space is the latest concept from Häfele in this year. Due to the concept of responding demands in small residential area with unexpected various functions, they overlap the application of furniture and sanitary fittings and electronics devices in limited space such as sliding wardrobe which can be adapted and opened in many directions, energy-saving and non-UV lightbulbs, water-saving sanitary fittings, and self-cleaning shower heads (Special property of internal air pressure resulting in gentle released water). However, our selective products respond every modern generation’s lifestyle who requires beautiful image and the highest worthy usability.


We expect that entrepreneurs, architects and designers will get some new ideas from our products. We expect that all the mentioned targets are able to make our products value added to develop more efficient business. For example, hinge is one of home decorative materials long lasting in Thailand, but hinge product is not widely used as its design is not modernized and only 4-angle normal design for installing at windows.

Hinge from Häfele imported from Germany is well designed and very popular in Europe as its design is hidden hinge. It looks luxurious and satisfactory for decorative taste. Therefore, should designers apply Häfele hidden hinge, it will be value and obvious beauty added.



Smart mirror The latest innovation from Germany which provides your cooler reflection. “Smart Mirror” comes up with full-option function which you can listen to music, change light tones, and get rid of fog. It suits for every style of toilet decoration. We provide 3 sizes: 900×600 mm., 900×900 mm., and 1200×900 mm.


Distinctive property

– controlled by sensor system. Easily, conveniently, and quickly used.

– Lighting system provides clear reflection from the smart mirror without turning lights on

– 2 lighting systems: Cool White and Warm White providing glow and non-UV light

– Able to turn on music during your activities in front of the smart mirror. Easy controlled via your smartphone


– Sectional garage door Its quality is guaranteed by German brand. All doors and operator components are tested and certified by independent recognized institutes and manufactured according to the DIN EN9001.



– controlled by automatic system and continuously work even there is a power outage

– safe from the radio system with Secure Bisecur encryption which is the development of new signal transmitter. You’ll be able to remotely control the system. You can also be sure that there will be no one imitating the radio signal due to its stability.

– Spacious area (inside the garage and nearby). Garage door is suitably and sectional designed. The entrance-exit is 14-cm wider.

–  Stable and durable with flexible seals. Able to prevent temperature caused by wind, rain and snow due to double LPU door (42-mm thick) and heat insulator.

– Noise insulation



For those who are interested in Häfele products are very welcome to visit at our booth in Architect’18. We would like all visitors to truly see and feel Häfele innovations. Every household and buildings products from us cover and response every kind of usability. Moreover, Häfele teams are ready to advice about how to choose home furnishings to best meet your requirements or how to decorate your café to be distinctive and more outstanding than the surrounding ones. If you are interested in products from Häfele (Thailand) Co. Ltd., please visit us at S210 exhibition area in Architect’18, Challenger Hall, Impact Muang Thong Thani during May 1-6, 2018.