FERRO CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS CO., LTD. Chemical Engineering for Construction.


Ferro Construction Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 from the supported funding from National Science and Technology Development (NSTDA). The company is equipped with Automatic Batching technology under ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System). With its determination to be the leader of Technical Mortar and Construction Chemical products with high manufacturing standard, the company ensures that high manufacturing standards are implemented with every product meeting international criterion and fully accepted by civil engineers i.e. ASTM and EN STANDARD. This is to meet the demand for high quality products that goes along with the developed construction standards in Thailand today which corresponds with the ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (AEC) to facilitate the company to distribute its products to Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar in 2014.

In this regard, the company participates in the working body of committee for construction material development. It lends support to set the direction of Thai industrial TIS Standard for products such as Non-Shrink Grout, Latex bonding agent, and Polyurethane Sealant.

For Architect ’18, Ferro has prepared new product collections to showcase in the event:

  1. FERROCRETE 208 (Glass Terrazzo Self-Levelling Mortar) – the concrete flooring product that is designed for self-leveling made from Terrazzo Glass. It is 8 – 10 mm. thick, possesses high adhesiveness with 24-hour drying properties. It is used by mixing the mortar with water and pour the mixture to be leveled by itself. Afterward, it can be polished to bring out various colorful glass beads texture on white concrete body. The product is most befitting for surface maintenance jobs and projects of hospital or café that is decorated in Terrazzo, whetstone, or old concrete styles. The colored beads offer distinction from rock pebbles, emanating a more modern look but strong like Terrazzo.


2. FERROCRETE 215 – Self-Levelling Mortar Overlayment of 5 – 30 mm. thickness. It is strong and quick-drying, suitable for interior and exterior renovation works of factories.


3. FERROCRETE 205 – Thick Self-Levelling Mortar Underlayment of 10 – 30 mm. thickness. The product is used for leveling the ground prior to setting down a layer of rubber tiles or parquet. It helps to lower labor cost as well as to let dry within just 4 hours (a substitute for conventional screed).

Visitors are encouraged to stop by at the booth of Ferro Construction Products Co., Ltd. at the special exposition of the year: Architect ’18. The company brings forth a direct experience with TERRAZZO (recycled) beads self-leveling concrete products that come with newly developed faces to add a modern variety to please the modern taste.

Meet Ferro Construction Products Co., Ltd. at S202 booth, Challenger Hall, Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani between 1 – 6 May 2018.