FAMELINE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. Always Beyond and ordinary in architect ’18


Fameline Products Company Limited is a manufacturer of interior and exterior metal ceilings and aluminium composites, covering areas such as department stores, office buildings, academic buildings, sky train and airports. Further from that, Fameline also provides customers with architectural products. Categorized under Special Project, these products, including aluminium façade for exterior office buildings and ceiling designs for interior spaces, are under a supervision of architects to ensure that all needs are met, that all desires are fulfilled.



Fameline attaches importance to product innovation and development and along with experienced researchers and developers; R&D products are launched in building material market every year. Most of Fameline’s products, or more than 80%, are sold in Thai material market. Another 20%, however, are exported to our neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. Apart from these two sale channels, other special channels such as affiliates in Malaysia and India also import and distribute the products.



Mr.Bandit Vichitprapai (Assistant Managing Director) has shared some of her ideas…

At present, aluminium composites are becoming more and more popular. One of other reasons behind this trend is because of the technological advancement of material coating. Years ago, most aluminium composite materials were usually coated with metallic or solid colors. Later on, however, demands on those color coatings were replaced by demands on more natural colors. If that particular material is aluminium, for example, customers would prefer the kind of coating that reveals its real color. Any coated materials should be Anodized coated, a process that converts the metal surface into a durable, corrosion-resistant finish.

Every product from Femline is normally aimed to be Green Products. We would rather choose aluminium instead of gypsum board because the difference in removing them. While removed aluminium composites can be sold or even recycled, removed gypsum board cannot neither be reused nor sold, not to mention how it has to be completely removed only.

Aluminium composite material is playing more and more important role in the world of building materials. These days, it is used in smaller areas such as shop houses and convenient stores. It has been enjoying a stable growth up to no more than 10% in the recent years (In Thai building material market) and its GDP is increasing continuously in ASEAN countries resulted from construction and city expansions in developing countries.

In this Architect’18, we focus more on our new innovations that we have developed in the past few years. Upon launching these to public, we hope to reach both old and new customers, giving the, a chance to enjoy an exclusive experience with our products.

This year, we have prepared 3 extraordinary concepts specially for this event




  1. Aluminium Sunshade – products for buildings that aim to add special features to the building. This product must offer 100% sun protection and must also be foldable.
  2. Surfaces – Aluminium surfaces that come in various patterns and designs, covering possible purposes.
  3. Coating – Coating must be outstanding in terms of its capacity and appearance. It will truly show aluminium’s integrity, both its modernity and strength.

This year, we put effort on creating products that are suitable for the lifestyle in this hectic modern world. We really hope that those who grant us Fameline a visit at this exhibition will have their horizon on building materials broadened. We also hope that our visitors will know us better, that they will know how various our products are, and how they can fulfill every need in their lifestyle efficiently and perfectly. Those who are interested to be a Fameline honored guests, do not be reluctant to give us a visit at Architect’18 held at booth F204, Challenger Hall 3, Impact Muangthong Thani from May 1st to 6th, 2018.