[CON]VENTION IN[TEL]LIGENT HOME Smart Post, Beam and Wall System…Extraordinary Definition of House Building


For some people, having their own house can be considered a life goal requiring so much effort but worth all the sweat. “Intel Home Company”, knowing how a house can be meaningful for many people, has never stopped to develop the building system that can guarantee the better lives. Relying on the expertise of 3 experts on Civil Engineering, Material Innovation and Construction, ConTel Home: Conventional Intelligent Home, smart post, beam and wall system is created for the higher-quality, worthier and safer residences of all Thais. Ready to launch in the upcoming Architect ’18.


Contel Home Identity

For the reason behind his unbeatable determination to create ‘The best house that worths every single Baht’, Mr.Prapas Pimonkittirat, Managing Director, reveals that…

“Actually, before Contel Home was started, I had been wandering in this house building circle. I had learned that at one point, those who had achieved financial stability always looked for their own “Home”. Since we want to make their dream come true, assuring them of a house reachable and worth both their sweat and money, we make use of our 30 year experience in house building, creating houses that are reachable and reasonably-priced, using Contel Home System Technology. I think this is best at explaining Contel Home’s identity.”


The origin of Contel Home System

At present, building materials are no longer about bricks, stones, cement or sand. Thai people, however, would rather stick to the own conventional way of building houses. Contel Home does not let go of this conventional way, but rather further develop it to create the best innovative materials that fulfil every need.

“The full name of ConTel Home is actually Conventional Intelligent Home. Conventional here means the conventional system of house building, using bricks and cement or building beams or posts. It is this system that we still want to keep, regarding most Thais who dare not to change the old, yet reliable way of house building. Now, the question should be; how to keep this conventional way of house building, but at the same time adding intelligent technologies or innovations in it so that it can be better in quality and efficiency, as well as higher in standard? It is this question that leads to the creation of Contel Home System. We begin with the existing way of house building and add some innovations and designs of engineering to it. This is mainly to reduce the need of skilled workers that are becoming more and more difficult to find.”


Smart Post-Beam-Wall, Extraordinary Innovation

Make what’s good better, adding something new to the old way of house building, reducing problems and manual works, increasing efficiency and standard – These are the definition of Smart Post-Beam-Post that ConTel Home proudly presents

“Smart Post-Beam-Wall System are the main structure that helps support the house. We choose SuperDyma from NIPPON STEEL as steel materials for it is Japanese high technology well-known for its ability of Self-healing. Moreover, Post and Beam System is also coated with Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium, all of which help protect metal. When being scratched, cut or drilled, it can heal itself. And with this ability of self-healing, one can be ensured of the material durability, erosion-resistance as well as upto 100 years rust-resistance.”

“Additionally, ConTel Home Post-Beam-Wall System is installed by the SuperDyma method of metal cutting and drilling, using Laser Cut to ensure precision. Post and Beam are constructed by riveting method made from stainless steel. To increase material durability, nut weaving is used instead of welding for the later reduces metal’s strength, makes it erosable and requires a lot of skilled workers. This kind of Smart Post-Beam System is not existed in Thailand and we have a factory exclusively made it possible for us. We are the first and the only one who use this smart system.”

“ConTel Home also has Wall System made of Dolomite mineral and Magnesium, strengthened by Fibershop. Wall made with this system, therefore, is as strong as Bon brick wall, light, smooth, strong, non-blistering, non-molding and instantly repaintable. Talking about internal structure, it is designed with Hollow Core so that it can be easily installed and is fire-resistant. This is another innovation that ConTel Hone proudly presents.”


Less Labors, Less Expense

If the main issues in construction system are low-qualified workers and skilled worker shortage, ConTel Home Innovation is the solution you may seek. The new innovations and technologies of house construction can be said to be unbeatable.

“The struggle that either Thailand or other countries face in construction is probably low-qualified workers and skilled worker shortage. It is also because of these two factors that would not let us go so far in terms of construction. Being aware of this, I came up with the idea of creating the working process that required only low-skilled workers. Upon seeing our building plan, they can easily understand each step. We may need one leader to guide these workers, but our workers do not need to be the skillful ones. This is because every building structure is made from the factory through Laser Cut method and therefore is less likely to be defected. Every hole is drilled most precisely. The only thing you need to do is simply to follow the plan. With this uncomplicated working process, you can avoid mistakes, reduce time and expense.”


Different way that meets all needs

ConTel Home’s work is not limited to only house building, but also includes townhomes, clubhouses and various projects. One can say their works are the answer of all.

“We wish our voice will reach developers, our target customers, as well as architects and general customers. We wish they all will know how our system works, what it is made of and how it can be beneficial. General customers are the group that can take most benefits from this system, in my opinion, for they can get high-quality homes in the same price. We can guarantee that you will not spend more for this system than the others, and that your home will be finished in the less amount of time. Our system can also be beneficial for architects since they do not need to use the same old way of house building that usually comes with those two struggles I have mentioned. With the old, conventional way, I’m quite certain that most architects are often upset with the construction that does not go the way they design; either unstandardized, non-smooth or distorted. Lastly, for developers, our system can guarantee that they can follow their schedule strictly, that their works are well-done and their customers are satisfied. The only thing we want is to be known widely because when we are, customers can be assured that our brand ConTel Home guarantees best quality, that there is absolutely no doubt about our capability. If it is ConTel Home, any can immediately say yes, while if it is not, any would not be reluctant to shake their head.”



Every need is made tangible, even the house of an old

To design a house for the elderly, every single detail must be in concern to make sure that the residents are as comfortable as safe as possible. ConTel Home can beat the impossibility using experience, expertise and innovations.

“We think there is a growing tendency for the house of the elderly considering the ongoing situation where people are less likely to have kids and old people are increasing in numbers. As a contractor, we can prepare for this situation by co-working with designers. No matter how the designs would be, either to have curb ramp instead of stairs, or to have rails beside the toilet, we can make all possible.”



In this Artchitect ’18, ConTel Home comes with the concept of CONTEL CAN CONTROL guarantee the quality of their work with 3 factors to fulfill the needs of all. These factors include:

  1. Standard Control: Most construction nowadays receive lots of complaints because the quality does not meet the standard, not as beautiful as they are supposed to be. Homes made by ConTel Home, however, are guaranteed to be exactly like in the design because everything is made by the factory through Laser Cut. Not a single material is distorted or defected. All will surely fit perfectly in their place.
  2. Time Control: This is very important for entrepreneurs because the more time they use means the less time they have to plan other necessary things. ConTel Home attaches importance to punctuality and makes sure that materials made by the factory will not require much effort and time to build.
  1. Service Control: Contel Home gives one-stop service for they are well-aware that building one house can not be done in just one single step. Most customers will only drive the piles into the ground, give us the plan, and leave the rest as our responsibility. We will design the structure and have our team worked on it until it is finished by the appointed time.


Open your eyes, open your mind. The challenge to get through.

Because ConTel Home is quite new in the market, having customers’ trusts on the system may require time. However, innovations created from experience and expertise will surely get ConTel Home through all challenges.

“ConTel Home has been in service for around 1 year. Upon participating in this Architect ’18, we hope we will get others to know us better. We want customers to know that there is not only a same, conventional way of construction. We want to present them our innovative way, showing them how they will get benefits from our innovations. Although it is normal for a businessman to sell stuffs, our purpose now is not about to sell, but to be known, not only to one single group of people but rather various groups. We have prepared a house model. All we need is to have people come see, touch and listen to us. Everything we will say about our system can be proved. Our system itself also has its own unbeatable strength. If our voice is heard, there is no doubt that social acceptance will be granted. 1-2 years after this, when more people know us, more trusts will be gained.”

For those who are interested in our Smart Post-Beam System, real Thai innovation with the official license, not imported from other countries, you are encouraged to come to the event. Open your eyes, open your mind, and come see us at Architect ’18 held on S110, Challenger Hall, Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani from May 1st-6th, 2018.