MPK Visnu To Present Highly-efficient Steel Door With Special Offers in Architect Expo 2018

MPK Visnu is well-prepared for this upcoming Architect Expo 2018, where they will present various highly-efficient steel doors, namely exterior steel doors that keep burglars out, fire-resistant doors that can stand up to 1000°C and household wooden doors

MPK Visnu is a manufacturer and distributor of readymade steel doors under Triple Nine Door Brand. They sell interior and exterior, fire-resistant, stainless, sound-resistant or burglar-proof steel doors, all to be used in industrial factories, government buildings and other high buildings. Apart from steel doors, they also sell sliding doors for laboratories, factories and hospitals. Recently, The company has just launched household ‘Wooden Steel Door’ which may be the answer for those looking for something strong, yet exquisite. There is a highlight of 3 types of steel doors by MPK Visnu:

  • TP2 Exterior door, strong and burglar-proof. 

  • TP8, fire-resistant door that can withstand up to 1000°C in 4 hours

Mrs. Pattawee Laochatriyarat, Managing Director of MPK Visnu Company Limited, revealed, “This is our third time joining Architect Expo. We gained positive feedback in the past two years and met our target customers, including business owners from Myanmar who were interested in our products. It is because of this event that we get to strengthen the bonds between us and other companies. In the past, we only had customer from industries and government agencies. This year, we are launching the new wooden steel doors with hope to attract retail household customers.”

MPK Visnu booth is located at D102/1 section, where many products will be presented and up to 35% discounts will be offered by the company.